10 April 2010

transforming ART & SPACE: NCMA

When the North Carolina Museum's new 127,000-square-foot building opens to the public on Saturday, April 24, it will create a beautiful home for the permanent collection with dramatically expanded exhibition space highlighted by daylit galleries. The aluminum-clad exterior will be surrounded by exquisite outdoor gardens showcasing large-scale sculpture. Dozens of new art acquisitions will be on view for the first time at a free Grand Opening Festival, April 24-25, as North Carolinians come together to celebrate her greatest cultural gem—the transformed North Carolina Museum of Art. (from the NCMA website)

 Can't Wait to see it!

above images from HERE

 image from the NCMA blog HERE



  1. Oh my, thank you! I remember when the museum moved about 30 years ago from a state office building to a real museum space and now this...

  2. What a gorgeous display space, airy and spacious. I knew about the fine collection of European art but the collection of Judaica was a very pleasant surprise.

    I hope they have plenty of seating inside each room. Us elderlies need to visualise our art from a sitting position :)

  3. Love the building! Amazing! I would love to see it once!
    I am so sorry that it is soooo far from Belgium!

  4. There is little more exciting or gratifying than to visit a newly built or renovated museum or concert hall dedicated to the public good of all people. Such buildings are a testiment to the vision, generosity, and civic-mindedness of the citizenry in the communities in which such edifices rise. They are a beacon, shining in to the future of civilization.

  5. Gaye, this means that likely we are too meet sometime in the near future - if you are willing, that is - I foresee a long road trip to visit this museum. What a beautiful roof!

  6. Impressive, it looks wonderful. Only in America.

    Thinking of southern university art museums did you read Elizabeth Kostova's "The Swan Thieves", it a good one.

  7. I think it will be very important in the Southeast in terms of going forward with Art as a part of our daily life.

  8. Blue-nothing would please me more!
    In fact all-Do come visit.pgt



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