22 April 2010

about Vreeland, Slane & Slane, Pearls & the South?

How could Alexander Vreeland, grandson of legend Diana Vreeland, jewelry purveyor Slane and Slane, and a string of pearls on a Southern girl  all be connected?

Alexander Vreeland has just been named as President and Chief Operating of New York jeweler Slane and Slane.

 Alexander Vreeland 
Photo By Courtesy Photo

“What appealed to me [about Slane & Slane] was that there is a lot of authenticity to the brand designed by two women who know who their customer is,” Vreeland said. “We do not plan to take the brand anywhere but up....The brand is really poised to grow.”  
(from WWD here)

The gorgeous co founders of Slane and Slane just happen to be native North Carolinians- (decidedly Southern,that)  having grown up in High Point. The two have worked an exquisite collection in pearls- 

Not your grandmother's pearls by the way-
"In a nod to our grandmothers, who had exquisite style and were seldom without their pearls, we put pearls in our collections but wanted them to look modern. We thought if we used an oval shape instead of round and experimented with new lengths, we'd find the customer who loves the idea of pearls, but didn't want their look to replicate their grandmother's look.”
(from Southern Accents Miss Gracious Living interview with the two here )

Heath and Landon Slane

The sisters will remain Co Chief Executive Officers and Designers of Slane and Slane. Their designs- best known in gold and silver- have been for the most part made in America and in a modern move- the designers have worked in 100 % recycled sterling silver and 80% recycled 18 karat gold. Impressive, No?

Slane and Slane mesh pearl earrings

Pretty swell with Aminaka Wilmont jersey at net a porter here

These Slane and Slane Pearls? 
only just A 16 Strand Pearl necklace with Alexandria clasp that can be monogrammed -

& Monograms?, Oh So Southern -that, You must admit!

  image from here

& why don't you- pair it with black leather and jeans from net a porter ?

& just a few Southern ladies and their pearls-they can't be wrong?

Kentucky born Mona von Bismarck in her pearls-

Alabama born Tallulah Bankhead- Pearls

North Carolina girl- Ava Gardner, with Sinatra, and pearls.

Now-that can't be wrong.


  1. Love those pearls. I have vintage Miriam Haskell and Schiaparelli pearls and then the real deal from my Mother on my 21st BD - Always wear those pearls, even with jeans! You are soooooooooooo right!!!

  2. I have to say, I never tire of pearls. So classic, and I love to dress up my hole filled jeans with a black turtleneck and pearls!

  3. You just made me realize that I need a little bit of pearls! I'm going to be on the lookout this Summer for how to incorporate pearls into a guys accessory wardrobe -and, I'm not talking about anything simple like cufflinks. Thanks for the inspiration!!!


  4. I have thought for a while now that I should have one of their bee pendants or rings. Maybe a pendant for my pearls.

  5. Cynthia,Emily- You can't go wrong. I love the black and jeans look for pearls.

  6. Scott,oh can not wait to see what you come up with. We do love a challenge! pgt

  7. Mrs.B, I love the idea of a pendant. I have a string and my mother's also. But 16 would do me better. and love the idea of the monogram. They have some gorgeous link bracelets. tempting indeed.

  8. Love my pearls. I wear them more than any jewelry. Now that my eyes have gone missing for the small stuff. I appreciate that they are long enough to take off without undoing them. But pearls with monograms...true southern comfort.

  9. I'll vote for the pearls with leather and jeans ... . . especially for those of us "of a certain age" -
    otherwise we just look dowdy in pearls!

    But, I do so love them ... .


  10. How I love the pearls strands. The Slane ladies are just lovely girls. I hope they soar with the Vreeland addition. They have some glamourous pieces.

  11. Home!, nice feature that. I like that too. I forget to wear mine-and when I do, I get compliments.

    Judith-by all means leather and pearls a great rev up.

    Anon. They also have a 16 strand of rubies that is gorgeous. Wouldn't I love that?

  12. Lawdy the ladies from the south in their pearls and noted that they are double strands. Pearls are the classic and these Slane pearls are dynamite.

  13. It's so interesting to read about Diana Vreeland's family. Thank you! I remember Alexander was an executive for Mr. (Giorgio) Armani for many years before moving to Paris as CEO of Porthault! It's so great he's returned to NY again. I still LOVE the pearls and the post.

  14. This past winter I met Alexander Vreeland's wife, Lisa Immordino-Vreeland, She is working on a fabulous book, that will be a must for any serious design and fashion aficionado. Keep her name on your radar.



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