20 April 2010

Balenciaga I

Las Meninas y la Familia de Felipe IV 

His voice was very low
& often you had to concentrate to hear it
His first nane was Cristobal
His inspiration came from the bullrings,
the flamenco dancers,
the loose blouses the fishermen wear,
the cool of the cloisters...
Diana Vreeland 

Infanta Margarita Teresa
 Velazquez 1655 

Balenciaga, 1939

Balenciaga, 1939

Infanta Marie Teresa
 Velazquez, 1652-53

& the artistry of Velazquez and the fashions of his subjects.

all Balenciaga photographs from the Met's Costume Institute


  1. Really? DV and then Balenciaga! so good!


  3. Absolutely inspiring - I love see the inspiration and the piece side by side. This painting is one of the most fascinating.
    -Sanity Fair

  4. I love your new Image Header...it is evocative of your 'ORIENTAL' gaze into the past and present Worlds of Beauty...Balenciaga, THE MASTER - this was his title ALL the couturiers of his time labeled him. From Givenchy, Dior to YSL and Chanel...he was the Prism of Exactness that they aspired to.

    DV, her almost life size papier mache image stands in the corner of the boardroom at the Met still directing her acolytes.

    These qualities are such that I bestow them upon you...you are the pinnacle of Knowledge - with your twin Aesthete Laments - like Gemini you both are Celestial.

    I am wearing a Vintage Balenciaga evening coat to the Met Costume Gala in May, made by Balenciaga for Fern Bedaux who hosted the marriage of Wallis to David, Duke of Windsor at her Chateau de Cande...very Mona Bismarck but much more severe. I will think of you as I alight the steps into that Palace of Beauty, the home of DV.

  5. Balenciaga - perfection on so many levels. Another inspirational post. I've been admiring your Title painting for half an hour. The placement of each object, the fabrics, the light in the room, and I think the woman must resemble you. It's a magnificent painting.

  6. Oh, we are SOOO cut from the same cloth....

    Visionaire's DV issue is a constant bedside companion... insightful, inspiring, and intriguing.

    Also, LOVE the Met's DV retrospective collection of memories with photos and reminences of all those who knew her.

    But, for a few metres left or right in life, we could have been fortunate enough to be privvy to her...

    Still, lucky we have these missives to intrigue and inspire us........!

  7. Z. and Anon,
    I was overwhelmed by the elegance of these 2 evening dresses and as always the reference to Velazquez. Yes the pairing is perfection.

    Sanity Fair, I agree-there are a number of indepth vids on youtube about the painting. Velazquez is a favourite of mine.

  8. Elizabeth, I love this quote- and hope to follow up with more illustations of it! The painting is a Liotard-I've added a link on the side with the title, and my other posts. Yes all the details of this painting, my gosh-the carpet. I would love to do a recreation of this painting wouldnt it be smashing (why don'tyou? as DV said!) I have been reading the Eleanor Dwight bio again and as always completely overwhelmed by Mrs. Vreeland. Her trip to Morocco, etc. gaye

  9. Thea, so sorry to miss you this time. yes, the cloth must be something like the textiles painted by Liotard!pgt

  10. Regina Joi, how absolutely lovely things you have said. To be considered with AAL- is a true compliment, though unworthy-it is my ongoing education, and as mentioned many times-one of my reasons for starting little augury. How extraordinary to be wearing that Balenciaga coat, I can try to imagine, how wonderful! Would you have a photo snapped for us- perhaps?
    Fern Bedaux, another fascinating story about which not enough has been written. I understand some clothing things went to the V&A others to her heir. Now must get back to the Duchess soon- to work a post up on Fern. There is a portrait still pictured, but sold online at 1st dibs- lovely. again the accolades are very meaningful, best Gaye ( do contact me via email sometime!)

  11. stopped by, also, to say that i adore the new header; it is just utterly magnificent . . . having seen it earlier in the day, i found myself driving all over timbuktu thinking of how perfect it was (perfect for you, and perfectly wonderful of you to share it with all of us)

    and i completely agree with regina joi on that other point, too: you ARE both Celestial

  12. Well...that is why you are a TWIN to AAL, one mirrors the other~ I have never seen written the Tales of Two Minds that are as One.

    Yes, Fern was even honored with the Legion of Honour which the coat has the little red ribbon still attached to, as do others from Jane Engelhard that I own. Fern, was a devotee of Couture, an American by birth, and yes, a Tall Fashionista now unsung...have seen her portrait ala Japanesque. I think the Chateau de Cande now has some sort of exhibit installed there in her rooms and thru out.

    Would be nice to know what stories you can unearth of her...aside those of her husbands political leanings.

    This came from her niece years ago. It has never been seen nor worn by anyone other than Fern. Pristine...Silk Gazar lined...and the Fabric by Abraham.


  13. The new header image is divine. I see a spot on the wall just a few feet from me where it would be perrrfect.

    Velasquez and Balenciaga...gorgeous both...those paintings! That dress!

  14. fantastic... I also love the new header. greetings, ulla

  15. The header just drew me right in, I cannot put words to how much I love your pairings of such historic art, designers like Balenciaga, and poetry. You always impress me!

    Art by Karena

  16. Gaye, like everyone else I love the connections you made here and the new art (the header) is so striking. But you probably knew I'd like it :) Thanks for the peacock mention over at Lulu's Trail of Inspiration.


  17. Regina Joi, oh how fantastic. do please email a picture to me at the affair! from the back even, in mask, How beautiful. I am romping through the ED Diana Vreeland book and now she is at the Met driving the curators a bit crazy. I fully agree with her philosophy of presenting the clothes in best light-not correct period from head to toe. A true designer-Beauty is all. pgt

  18. Victoria, Karena, Down East, Ulla, Courtney- I have to say the Liotard painting is one of my favs. It encompasses all my loves, especially the textiles.

    & Courtney-when I think of peacock I think of Style Court! pgt



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