09 April 2010

famous designers THEN-But who?

the designer?

A designer's personal space from 1969 published in House and Garden-
There are very subtle elements here that may  give away the designer's identity-in this case -a personal space.

& Who might this be?

this Living Room was published by House and Garden in 1969. The room full of antiques belies little of the designer's identity, Though there are a few telling elements-
good luck.


  1. I've not figured out the top one but the lower one is Michael Taylor's installation of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Folger Miller Jr.'s home n Hillsborough, Calif. For an excellent look at Taylor's brilliant work your readers can check out Stephen M. Salny's book on the designer complete with a forward by Rose Tarlow.

  2. The bottom is Michael Taylor for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Complete and utter mortification here; I have NO idea.

  4. Guessing Saladino, for the first mystery guest.
    That ancient looking bench covered in leather...

  5. Scott and Toby Worthington-Yes. I would never have gotten that one. there is little Saladino there.
    Kendra and Regina Joi- absolutely. yes the MT book is great.
    AAL-but you know so much other stuff.

  6. I actually have a memory of seeing that very issue. I would have been in 7th grade but was very interested in interior design then. That same year parents hired a Parson's graduate as an interior designer and I was greatly impressed with her work.

    Btw I once met John Saladino once. He could not have been nicer.

    Seeing that image I also thought of Joe D’Urso. He was another of my faves. I think the two designers over lap here and there.

  7. Scott,Our memories-capturing a page out of time or magazines is fascinating. I can conjure similar images on the page-thankfully they are all beautiful. It starts at an early age our loves, what better one than art, architecture. pgt

  8. The bottom picture has many elements of both Elkins and Maugham. The fabric on the sofas was used by both, but the sofa design is Maugham. Im guessing Maugham and it looks like it might be an apartment belonging to Mrs Tobin Clark or at least its her furniture.



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