02 April 2010

the greatest story by the greatest painter of his time


the first time I saw the Giotto images as an art student- I was captivated, that was 31 years ago-Nothing has changed. I hope to see the faces of these frescoes face to face one day.

Giotto di Bondone 1266-1337,
detail of the Capella degli Scrovegni here,
The Capella degli Scrovegni site here
more here
secret Giotto found in Florence's Saint Croce Chapel here



  1. Love his work. Such an important artist, he is the starting point for everything.

    My favourite work is his Lamentation. Just a man in a dark time, who did not know of perspective but who managed to invest his angels and Mary with such expressions of grief and pain.

    An apt choice for Easter.



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