01 April 2010


ALT zhushing Bee Schaffer's heavenly Nina Ricci

 why don't You?
add the word dreckitude to your vocabulary.
trust me-you will find yourself saying it whether you are desirous or not-dreckitude abounds.

No, this is not Jay-Z

The irreverent irrepressible ANDRE LEON TALLEY is holding court on America's Next Top Model-Consort to Tyra Banks? -For the moment it would seem.

I can not help but think ALT's mentor- Diana Vreeland- would be-
Loving it. Would she have?
I can not think of anyone that could read the tea leaves of fashion like the great DV- great swami of fashion. Her Why don't you? crops up on  someone's blog at least every few days and I love it. I suggested MORE DV in the year 2010. Read my post Here.  Andre Leon Talley may be the next best thing. DV would certainly have been ready for her close up-ALT is.

Larger than life- indeed Charming, part sage- part snark, ALT is off to new heights with his 5 minutes of air time each week on Next Top Model. I- for one- am watching just to get a dose of  Vreeland's  why don't you- (who knows what you might do?)

I did get to meet him about 10 years ago in Raleigh at a luncheon. He is a North Carolina native-Durham that is-and maintains ties here-mostly lending his celebrity to local charities. Most admirable.
why don't you?
read ALT's book here, another ALT 365 here, DV here, DV here

top photo- ALT top center attending to Bee Schaffer's NINA RICCI here


  1. Most amusing. I must drop in on this season to see ALT in action. I suspect that it is quite something when Miss J is also in the house.

  2. His autobiography is very entertaining. Esp where he recounts getting his start through Mrs Vreeland.

  3. I just adore ALT! And all his grandeur! Dreckitude? Please help me with this...dreck is a word we northerners utilize to imply something is gross, not up to par. Am I on the right page here? Why don't you enlighten me?...and I love DV! So much to love all in one post!

  4. Reggie- catching about the last 10 minutes- might be all you need- or can tolerate. He is a riot.

    HOBAC-love that autobio.

    the Zhush- yes! dreckitude- as he quickly defines in the video is "a Wreck" it is pretty entertaining. pgt



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