24 April 2010

more signs

sign of design.



  1. Is this your new shingle??

    If so, LOVE IT!!

    Also, Love your new header image...!!

  2. Haven't seen an outdoor interior design sign before. What are all the trucks doing behind it? Are you in the middle of something we can see? PS. Yours looks better than the other two.

  3. A sign of the times, excellent.
    The colors are very sophisticated. Is it enamel?

  4. Very tasteful, indeed Little Augury. Color, typeface, layout. All of it. Reggie

  5. Thea and Balsam Fir,Yes, a new shingle for my old profession. This is on a construction site at a house I am working on. I will post about it occasionally-trying to balance the privacy of client and temptations of this blog. There is a post about the original house's removal from the lot and also a post about the bath fixtures we are selecting. Right now we are working on reclaimed floors to do a herringbone pattern in the foyer. Along with countertop selections- pgt

  6. Debra- not enamel-more like a laminate overlay-honestly don't know. I have a graphic designer that did it for me.
    Reggie-thanks! as is typical, the phone # was an add on, forgotten by the printer(it might have been a little different that) but I am happy with it.

  7. Of course, your sign would be writ in lavender. So looking forward to the occasional updates on the new house and seeing you bring this house alive.

  8. I like your new sign and your new blog banner. Look forward to seeing the pictures of your new project xx



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