17 April 2010

a Stitch in Time I


Givenchy's Louis XVI chair with needlework inspired by BRAQUE

photograph byFrancois Halard, HG April 1987
more Braque here


  1. Beautiful fabric. Love the Braque shapes in contrast with the oval chairback.

  2. Such a charming contrast. And Braque always did use curves and more rich color in his work.

  3. Similar to, if not inspired by, the chairs that Alice B. Toklas covered with needlepoint of designs by, I believe, Picasso. I have always loved those, too.

  4. oh Reggie-you are too good, they are in the works! pgt

  5. For a moment I thought it was from Bloomsbury. The painting style is similar. It's wonderful.

  6. How I would love to see all the details of this chair in person!

  7. I can remember buying that House and Garden issue at an airport and being beguiled by Givenchy's apartment - everything in it seemed to have this rich and yet sophisticated patina. It was probably partly that I was young and the excitement of flying (it seemed a more classy experience back then). How images can bring back memories - a Madeleine moment!

  8. Acanthus-so would I. Dandy-that gives me food for another post!
    Emile, have always felt Givenchy to be The Elegant. I have pictures of his apt. prior to this incarnation, I will post at some point, a much more modern bent, but with all the elements of this.pgt



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