27 May 2010

Ms. Jackson : Star, Make that SuperStar

image from here

ok-I know I am old fashioned, 
I prefer Ms Jackson to Baby GaGa any day.
yes, I watched the American Idol tonight, Gasp-
So glad to see this incredible 44 year old in Rare and Fair form.
She is a beauty
not to mention that Dress.
Closing one's eyes- her brother could be singing, their talents are equal
her star is yet to rise to his level, but there is time.
34 no.1 singles.

A Diva, in the most Extraordinary way.

read about the performance here


  1. I liked the catsuit best. I always wanted to wear one...
    Who did you want to win? I just caught bits and pieces of the show, but it must have been wonderful. I would have liked to see Alanis M.

  2. YOU are so right as always...the consumate performer with sexy elegance!

    Loved that she rid herself of the weaves, which has now brought out her cheekbones and made her look years younger and more beautiful.

    Yes, close the eyes...and Michael WAS singing.

    Alexander McQueen dress? I think so...she was a client of his for years.

  3. Donna, I think she looks incredible, love the haircut. It was a total toss up though partial to Crystal. It is amusing how songs connect us to our past-a soundtrack of your life. I told my nephew-a complete music encyclo. this weekend that Saturday Night Fever was the soundtrack the year I graduated from high school-He was impressed! And what righteous woman could refuse Alanis' jagged little pill. pgt

  4. Regina Joi,
    Yes the haircut is perfection. I was so very impressed with her.(it may be a bit off topic for la-but it was going to grace the page today) Of course wondered about the dress-it would be fitting, and of course, You are always able to fill in the blanks here for me, and so grateful-You are a little augury contributor extraordinaire. Gaye

  5. What I do like is that she has added on a few pounds and they make her look absolutely voluptuous. So ladies, that is a great statement right there! Another argument for not being a size 0. Besides that, what a voice, immaculate timing and a real performer! Ah, she could do it all with out props and razzle dazzle like Gaga (although I do think she is the bomb,too)

  6. I watched the finals last night as well to see all the 'real' idols like ms. janet and christina. The quality of them made the 2 idol contestants seem a bit...blah to me I must admit (which is why I don't why Idol -it's where mediocre goes to be on tv). Janet looked spectacular ( as did christina) and sounded amazing as always! I hope this was a kickoff for a new tour!

  7. OMG I did not see this last night and forgot to tape it. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I was impressed with the cheekbones, couldn't take my eyes off them! Yep that was quite a performance very much like her brother's and very moving, in more ways than one.

    I was for Crystal first, then Lee then back to Crystal. Thought her 3 performaces Tuesday night were outstanding. She, like Adam Lambert will make it, not worried about her one bit...

  9. Didn't see American Idol, but who doesn't like Janet Jackson!? The haircut works on her, and so does that catsuit!!

  10. Yes, Gaga is the bomb. Every generation has one. Great talent wrapped up in a highly visual package.

  11. Her haircut is so fab. She's never looked more beautiful.

  12. Yes, Janet is exquisite now-it says something for holding back (albeit the unfortunate breast appearance on the Superbowl several eons ago).

    Yes, L.the cheekbones are quite high.She is chiselled from head to toe-and the booty in between. Love that hair.
    All in All she hands down stole that show.



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