27 May 2010

practically perfect lot 864

Idolatry would be apt to all things Mary Poppins.
I mean look at her.

864.  Screen-used Julie Andrews “Mary Poppins” signature “bottomless carpetbag” from Mary Poppins.  (Walt Disney, 1964)  This large floral motif carpetbag is carried throughout the film by Julie Andrews as “Mary Poppins” in the classic Disney musical.  Mary dazzles the children with the magic bag that can store any number of items, regardless of size or shape. Constructed of a dense woven carpet with a brown fabric interior, featuring brown leather handles and belt/buckle fasteners at top.  The leather pieces exhibit some cracking; handles have detached (still present; can be easily repaired) and 3 ½ in. of belt strap is missing; overall, in fine condition.  One of the most characteristic and iconic pieces of film history.  $10,000 – $12,000


  1. Hmmm....slightly oppressive in a subtle way, though great nostalgia. I remember liking the dancing penguins.

  2. Can I pull a floor lamp out of it, the way she did?

  3. VT, Yes!
    Author, the Poppins books by Travers are wonderful.
    Pamela, Oh, would that I could!

    If I had lots of money for a bag- this would be it. pgt

  4. What a great and timeless movie. Julie Andrews, so fantastic an actor.

    Art by Karena

  5. Everytime I see needlepoint or fabric in these colors, I am reminded of this bag!

  6. Can I just say I had a secret obsession with that bag and still do - it really is magical.

  7. Karena, ONE of my FAVs. I have modelled much of Mary in Me!

    Acanthus- ME to absolutely!

    Patricia, See- I can spot these Mary Poppins closet cases, Yes I believe!

    Enjoyed posting on this-a bit off topic maybe, but as a loyal devotee of MP could not resist. PGT

  8. love mary poppins. could watch it, over and over and over. have a great weekend.

  9. Surely there is some magic left in it - it's a a steal. I could use a bag like that and the trick of tidying up with a snap!

  10. Gwen, right there with you.

    Le Style, there is indeed. I don't know how many times I have wanted a carpet bag just like this one. pgt



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