05 June 2010

Alabama Chanin's Gibson Girl


an Alabama Chanin Gibson Girl above left, center

from the Spring 2010 book at Alabama Chanin HERE

if you've not heard about Alabama Chanin- sit down suga! Natalie Chanin is an original- and You know I love originals. She has a honest to goodness Unique fashion label Alabama Chanin that uses the natural resources of skilled hands and the most exquisitely nimble fingers in Alabama.

The designs of Chanin can be for the home or the body. I find her made by hand clothing to be reminiscent of a few special-mostly simple things my great great grandmother made-and somehow- were saved, even after a fire destroyed the attics and other parts of the old Victorian. There were tiny  delicate stitches of cotton thread on real natural fabric-cotton, linen.

 one of my own heirloom nightgowns

The Alabama Chanin fabrics are all natural-organic, recycled or new, all combined to become works of art -like the applique on organic cotton jersey above (here).Natalie Chanin's artisans are her neighbors in and around Florence Alabama and there work can be one of a kind or limited editions- "Grown to Sewn"

feast on Alabama Chanin' Indigo Summer Denim Collection at their website-

Natalie Chanin at left image from here
Alabama Chanin's site here
the 2 large images of the Alabama Chanin dresses are from style.com here
the Alabama Chanine Journal here
top photo-from my collection


  1. Wow.
    I just visited the site.
    I really, really want that red coat.

  2. Little a, I am blown away by the styles. Very early Chanel-like. Can't wait to see the site. Thank you.

  3. The red coat is great, as are the dresses. Great idea - love that they embrace the concept of sustainable and employ locally to make them.

  4. I do love her clothes and her concept-a great story.

  5. Very elegant lines. I like! Thanks for the site.



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