05 June 2010

hydrangea , maharaja, maharani


  1. Your posts lately have each OUTDONE the other in their remarkable brillance, timeliness, timeless-ness, absolute genius!
    I am so dumbstruck, and exhausted (though that is another storey), that I read and re-read your entries, wishing I had such a forum, forgetting I do have a blog, and onst remembering, sadly knowing I cannot keep up with you right now.
    I bow, I am in awe, I anticipate each day's gift....
    thank you so, LA, pgt,
    you are lovely...............

  2. So perfect, I love this vignette with one of my favorite flowers.

    Art by Karena

  3. Ours are in bloom here at the lake and after seeing your post,clippers are in hand! though I don't think my arrangement will be anything close to yours. Very original, indeed...

  4. Thea, oh no- not so, but I thank you. Have you been tearing it up with Ballard?

    Yes, I love Hydrangea-they go way back. My parents had one that was removed from my father's grandmother's home-I hated so to leave that one behind. All of these are lavender in color.

  5. Such a beautiful display! I love hydrangeas, especially blue ones. They grow wild all over the Azores Islands where the sailors brought them from Japan. Portuguese immigrants imported the plant to America. Unfortunately I can not grow them in my yard because of my eucalyptus trees.

  6. Hydrangeas abound on Martha's Vineyard and seem to love the climate there.

  7. Have been thinking of Thea's comment over a night and almost into a day and I think she said it best...what you are doing here: "Your posts lately have each OUTDONE the other in their remarkable brillance, timeliness, timeless-ness, absolute genius!"

    Like Thea, I also bow, am in awe, and anticipating each day...busy tho it is here, I turn on the computer just to see what you are up to. Purely magnificent. Thank you, again, for these bits of heaven you bring us without fail.

    It is heaven.

  8. Yes, darling, tearing it up for BDesigns, and it has torn me up!! Having a couple weeks rest before we go again.
    I love that you responded to me, and Victoria's kind words as well. Today's post brillant as well. I sometimes wonder what it will take for 'us" to stage a good old fashioned revolution, and make true changes in our world. I feel that this one will irrevoqueable alter and affect us for a long time to come. T



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