16 June 2010

Love Affair with a room

How long can you hold on to a page from a magazine- after it loses its corners, clipped and otherwise? Is that 20 years?
Longer, So long I don't know just how long. 25?

this is a special one-it is my Love Affair with a Room tear sheet.
from a Christmas issue (think House Beautiful) of the Victorias- that is FREDERICK P VICTORIA & SON'S-family home. The cabinet maker and antiquarian dealer has a long standing reputation in the design community for crafting exquisitely made furniture. It is a family business.

A must read- here from Ronda Carman about Freddie Victoria, his role in the business and the influence of his parents, Tony & Susan. The room I still refer to-that I have long loved  is that of Freddie Victoria's parents.

In his comments to Ms Carman he describes his parents as yin and yang with-
"one being more whimsical and the other more classic. But from both I have learned the importance of craft and the appeal of uniqueness. Attention to detail and craft are the starting points of the value people place on things. They both have a very well trained eye for style and each is different. I didn’t always understand what they saw in certain pieces, but that has changed and I am learning a bit more each day."

What I find so very fascinating about this- it Perfectly describes why I am so drawn to the room.

what I LOVE and continue to seek in my own rooms and those of my clients-  
Comfort, Louis XV furniture, Quilts, Upholstered Headboards, Luxury Textiles, Blue, Red, Pink, Chinese porcelains, personal photographs, fresh flowers... & a cat.
What's Not to Love?

the Frederick Victoria home from All the Best & House and Garden 1984 here
the FREDERICK P VICTORIA business  here


  1. Oh that bedding and applique quilt...

  2. Divine room. I also love the big tree - I'm really into houseplants lately for some reason!

  3. I kept it, too!! Still have it!
    These rooms were very, very influential on me at a younger age!

  4. I wouldn't save that room for Christmas. What fun. Barbara

  5. A beautifully colored room, and those bishop's sleeve draperies are quite charming, silly, but charming. They date the room as does the tree, I'm afraid. Love the bed cover.

  6. This room strikes a delicious balance between grandeur and comfort. Very much in the Stately Country House tradition of Nancy Lancaster, which is not particularly surprising, given its occupants. It is a room that one would be delighted to wile away hours in, both waking and asleep. Reggie

  7. donna- yes I love the addition of handmade quilts & any sort of patterned blankets.

    Stefan- it is a large ficus type-funny too that Blue comments its presence dates the room & I agree, though oddly enough it should be one of those Classic accessories we refer too. I think we all may need to reevaluate its use.

    I agree Blue- but in reality I do still love plants in any room-Why do we want to edit them out in older photos.

  8. Barbara- true,it is as I say still perfect for me.

    Pamela- I am not at all surprised, we seem to have collected many of the same~

    Blue- Go to the Ronda Carman article on the below link. The swagging and sleeves are carved wood-the same design is in the Frederick Victoria rooms there. The descriptive aspect of them in my photograph is gone. I think it must be one of their patterns, it is so much better than the fabric. Another fav. element. pgt

  9. Reggie- It is described beautifully by their son Freddie! Comfort-I am just as happy on a french settee myself, and yes this is in the NL tradition- another fav. of mine.

  10. What a beautiful room, elegant, classic, whimsical full of surprises and slightly eccentric. I would love to spend and awful lot of time there... thanks for sharing, Love from London x

  11. This is a room with a generous spirit, designed for comfort, an inner sanctum to share a confidence with a friend and a place for laughter and happiness. Confess, I'm still hopelessly crazy about ficus trees!

  12. I agree with the idea of comfort—whatever that is to each—should dominate. If we can't find comfort in homes, particularly our bedrooms what's the point, really?

  13. If I'm not mistaken, those curtains are carved wood.

  14. Wow this takes me back - what a wonderful find. Thank you Ms. Tapp! This was indeed my parents room where we lived until about 1981 or '82. We still have a full model of that edition of the hand-carved wood draperies in the warehouse. You can also just see the Syrie Maugham magazine rack we make beside the sofa, and that desk was the inspiration for one we made for Charlotte Moss. The unusual yellow & green Chinese porcelain lamps is one of my fav's which my father still has. Thanks for such a wonderful post full of good memories!

    Freddy Victoria

  15. Love it..grand and cozy. Only thing missing is books, by the bed. Aside from that, I could stay there forever!

  16. Mademoiselle- yes I like the slightly eccentric description- what is it? the mix of all your expressions I think- I do love those blue walls.

    Linda, Home, Smil- Comfort, Comfort, Comfort! that is always what it is about while I sit propped with feet up blogging away.
    Thanks for you wonderful comments, as always. pgt

  17. The curtains are fascinating - and much more so since I have learned they are made of wood. Thanks for sharing your precious, well-loved doc!

  18. Linda, Yes books! I think Freddie Victoria mentions the Syrie Maugham magazine rack which would be great for books. My bedroom is overflowing with books in cases, nightstands, floor, and on and on. pgt

  19. Toby, yes, I should have mentioned that in the original text and have in the comments. Freddie Victoria has added a great deal of to the specifics of the room including that magnificent carved curtain. One of my fav. things of all! Gaye

  20. Freddie, Many many thanks for adding details to this post. The room is charming. I enjoyed the personal notes your mother made in the text I have about the room being a family space- tea parties and such. I also appreciate your comments on Ronda's blog about the influence they inspired. I grew up visiting with and getting the occasional lecture on my parents 4 poster mahogany bed- a traditional room and I still have fond memories of. I enjoyed looking through the catalog on your site! Some truly exquisite things and I am going back to see the magazine rack too. Gaye

  21. If I had a room as this one, I wouldn't come out of it for days!!! And that lovely cat could stay there with me!!!



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