06 June 2010

of biblical proportions

 And before the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal: 
and in the midst of the throne, 
and round about the throne, 
were four beasts full of eyes before and behind

And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: 
and they have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image

 They were full of eyes within: 
and they rest not day and night

And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire

Thou hast created all things, 
and for thy pleasure they are and were created

 I will shew unto thee the judgement 
of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters

 And the second poured out his bowl on the sea; 
and it became blood, as of a dead man; 
and every living soul died in the sea

it is not about armageddon
it is not about the bible
it is not about symbolism
whatever you believe-
it is.

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  1. this turns my stomach and breaks my heart.

  2. And the beat goes on...

    The FIVE companies that post the most unreal of profits for years on the the face of this planet, all OIL industry, have covered themselves with commercials that cloak them in the 'pursuit of cleaner and green methods' of Energy...what lies! I have known first hand that this is the case, they fight anyone who brings alternative energy to them, they buy the new and untested to only shelve them, they have no interest for any in THIS world other than their own families - a Country Club mentality of THEY VS US.

    What do we do...pump more, send troops of our youthful future, and bemoan all the while like slaves building the Pharoahs pyramids.

    Why have OIL companies gone unabated, ask Cheney, Bush and friends...especially Ken Lay, who Cheney and Bush appointed to oversee the Dept of Minerals.

    Now the few have wrought for the masses - the 'FUTURE'. ALL children will pay for - the winged, finned and legged ones.

    What Profit for the few.

  3. I have a very cavalier attitude towards my Catholicism but I agree with you, we are in a "biblical moment" What we do with it, has yet to be seen, I hope we make the right decisions.

  4. I'm sick with grief for the world my little girl is going to grow up in. I just can't see how everything has gone so bad so fast. It's almost unimaginable & what most those beautiful creatures be thinking?

  5. Thank you for discussing this. I could not bear if this tragedy affected no change what so ever in how we live as Americans. Regardless of the economy - it is so critical for our priorities to be right if we wish to live in any grace in our world over the long run. It's not just about the oil either - it's about many things.

  6. so apt
    and disturbing

    thanks for putting this up pgt

  7. Such truer words cannot be spoken.

    My heart breaks, and these images only intensify the gut wrenching feelings I have towards the wrongs humanity is laying upon its creaters big and small and those future generations that may or at this point may not enjoy many of the species.

    Broken hearted, misled, and down trodden.....


  8. this is a horrifying disaster and i do think it not overstating it to say the end of things as we know it will come from this.

  9. Thank you for driving the point home.
    This horror leaves me speechless.

    I am proud to say we live without a car. We walk bike and use public transportation, this was a conscious lifestyle choice.

  10. Gay,

    Your generosity of spirit knows no bounds. My heartfelt thanks for enlarging what one reader experienced as being "too serious for blogland."

    This sadness is our sadness and I try to summon hope where I can. This from Rumi:

    The way of love is not
    a subtle argument.
    The door there is devastation.
    Birds make great sky-circles
    of their freedom.
    How do they learn it?
    They fall, and falling,
    they're given wings.

  11. Words fail me....heart breaking, xv.

  12. I posted my feelings about this at Errant Aesthete, and while you say this is not about the bible or
    armageddon, I have to say that neither native americans nor pagans would ever have done this to Mother Earth. It is this biblical entitlement to mankind (a gender not unthoughtfully chosen here) that gives way to the thought that all of nature was created for man's pleasure.

    It is when we believe in our truest heart's core that we are the same; we are equal, not superior to, the birds of the field and of the sea, that we would tread lightly upon this world with great love and respect. We have opened pandora's box and neither a cement gap nor wishes otherwise will change what we have unleashed.

  13. my heart aches. though difficult to look at and to acknowledge, i thank you for writing about this.

  14. And still we don't learn....that's the shocking thing.

  15. Great post. It is absolutely awful. Totally heartbreaking to see what man has done to those poor animals. xx



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