05 June 2010

getting the itch

I many times will pop out with The Dog to coax her along-
She is coquettish that way-
Loves to be begged, that one.

 the 7 a.m. grass is quite wet-
but no rain,
humidity already pressing in-not yet oppressive, but getting there.

walking along the pavers to the grass- (Zetta- The Dog)- still sitting on the porch-
Waiting-for-I know not what.
Stopping, stooping, spotting errant grass, weeds, unidentified green-I pluck the intruders.
Much better.
Zetta is now sauntering along in- that when I want to I will- way.
I have reached her paddock and continue my task along the- work in progress-flower beds.
Five minutes of this each morning-
Humoring a dog and weeding-
Keeps things in precarious equilibrium.
Keeps the undesirables out.

& then
they come.
Today is the first day I have suffered.
really suffered, attacked.
Some I sense immediately- invading pale flesh-
maniacal Mosquitoes-
they make my Summer Life a living Hell
tortured, plagued since I was a small child
they feast.
It is Summer
I am getting the Itch.



  1. I have several on my arm now. Be glad they aren't ticks. Our area is foresty and they are horrible until September. PS ~ come help me weed. They are beginning to win.

  2. Oh my. One of my children used to have her legs & arms covered with mosquito bites when we lived in NC. She would play alongside her brother & sisters, and they would not have a single bite on them. The little insects just seemed to love my youngest daughter. And she was miserable. Sometimes love & attraction aren't always what we might imagine.

  3. Donna, I love your blog, need to get there daily. I am grateful, 1 tiny tick the sz of a pinhead is all I have seen this year-that one attached to Me. Yes those weeds get the better of us all- I am going to have to curtail this for awhile. Weeds away. pgt

  4. Barbara-that would be me. I am beginning to feel like I am dodging them as I step out the door. Literally ran out to get a pot last evening and 3 grabbed me in the alley! and Woe is me to the Attraction and Love truer words were never spoken-Sheds a penetrating light on my love life! pgt

  5. Last night, whilst sitting under a large white tent at Boy's 25th Vassar Reunion dinner, in the pouring rain, a cloud of blood thirsty mosquitoes arrived like an invading army and descended upon the celebrants. You have never seen such slapping and waving of arms. Even I, who am blessed with a constitution usually unappetizing to the little monsters, found myself besieged. I sit this morning at my computer, scratching at the sea of the itchy welts that now cover my arms, neck, and ankles. In other words, dear LA, Reggie sympathizes...

  6. Reggie Darling-I think one is in the house right now trying to attack me. I find benadryl spray helps-but I think it is time to get out the shroud. My friends have always found me a good repellent for themselves. I confess summertime disagrees with me as I grow older. pgt

  7. Love the Zeta profile, both in spirit and showcasing her beauty. An all-knowing one, she. As for the buggers, I dress like I am a garden warrior: long pants, heavy socks, white (colors draw insects, especially stingers like bees) turtlenecks (to help keep the varmints off me) and cool-max t-shirts to help control sweat (some bug are drawn to sweat), a big hat, gloves and when it gets bad: deet. (hate it). I put benedryl lotion in fridge. It feels better on stings. And I never go anywhere outside after the sun goes down that does have a screened porch. My husband goes ungnawed. Unfair!

  8. Home, yes Zetta is best in profile rolling her eyes at you. When I was in Raleigh I would literally sprint to the car or wherever, don similar to your riggings to just go out to the trash bins. It seemed to be less mosquitoey here- but this year it will not be so. It does seem unfair. pgt

  9. I totally empathize with the itch. Growing up in India, the house mother at boarding school put socks on my hands before I went to bed at night to keep me from scratching. I, too, am a mosquito magnet.

  10. My bites usually start to appear at exactly July 4th...the same date I am on a blanket all evening! Last year I had a huge bug bite on my forehead of all places...much to the amusement and delight of all my friends! Can you imagine!



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