08 June 2010

of extremes

Little Augury is always trailing off in this direction or that-
Come enjoy or dismay-
one reason You see Fashion on these pages - It is always out there. Women have every choice imaginable when it comes to what they put on their backs.
In thinking about it-
perhaps this is why Women love Fashion-
It is the only place where they have All the Choices.
In Life- Women still have fewer choices than Men.
It is Fact.
your thoughts?

Women go to extremes, their Fashion is as varied as, their Choices in Men, in Food, in Fetish, in Lipstick Color Hair Color, Shoe Color-
Not So in...

How far have Women Really Come?
your thoughts?

These two extremes last night at the CFDA Awards- and everything from A to Z- good to bad in between. For me two women that did the two extremes to the ultimate were Tonne Goodman and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Tonne Goodman looks fantastic-beyond.

Style.com's NICOLE PHELPS writes SJP "wore a long dress that Sarah Burton(Alexander McQueen's successor) handpicked for her to present a posthumous Board of Directors Special Tribute to Alexander McQueen."

equally divine

For the most part MEN always manage to look good- great really.
Black tie, but why is FASHION limited for them? 
When MEN do try to change things up- 

left to right Stefano Tonchi.,Thom Browne, Simon Spurr  & Zachary Quinto, Michael Bastian, all at the CFDA Monday night.
Not so?
your thoughts?


  1. A Magnificent post.It has all the characteristics that I expect from la. It is of the moment,humorous,
    quirky,full of extremes and it makes me think too.

  2. SJP's dress is to die for. It helps me get over Alexander's lobster shoes this spring. I've been looking at the fall collections in the mags: fashion seems to be all over the place, but lots of fur (hopefully faux) and plaids and checks. It really is nice to see so many styles, instead of just one current 'must have' thing. Rodarte seems to be leading in the WOW sector.

  3. Very perceptive you are! Every woman should read this one.

  4. When I worked at Calvinl Tonne was in PR there and I always admired her simple, sort of tom-boyish puritanical look. She has such a great eye for editing.
    As for the men, I quite like a soul who can step outside the box and create a signature look.

  5. Michael writes: interesting schmattas for the ladies, but there's no discreet elegance on the men's side of the aisle, according to these photos.

    women can be preoccupied with fashion, but uniforms would not liberate them from social and economic constraints, or political ones--even in california, today.

    men were supposed to be liberated for other work than deciding what to wear to cfda, but apparently some spent a long time making wrong decisions. m


  6. Donna, yes, it is all over the map, I love some of the McQueen prints that have so oversized a moth or other insect, yes I still cant abide those shoes.

  7. Anon, BWS. thanks, there still is an imbalance in all things it would seem, and thank You both! pgt

  8. PVE, I would love to hear more about your Calvin Days-we should think about a collaborative post? The links hilighted I am sure you will enjoy. I agree, actually a tad disappointed that Marc Jacobs did not wear his kilt! It all can work with men in fashion. Funny it seems it never takes off with the masses, can you imagine men in shorts and hose? I love that grey suit. pgt

  9. Michael, spot on analysis. thank you much for taking time out to get to the heart of the matter it is a case of extremes in truth, No? pgt

  10. I'm trying to type a reply, but I'm laughing so hard at the guy in sheer dress hose and shorts that I just hahahahaha, can't quite, hahahahahah, pull a reply together...

  11. It is really isn't it? I am just so positive about his braveness.

  12. McQueen always rules - the shoes were not really about fashion (nor comfort) but were really about art, don't you think?

    Men in shorts - oddly attractive in a way that men in kilts (and long skirts) are. All of this is coming back from the 1980's - you might have noticed.

    1980's gay culture is all over this.

  13. The mistake is not the shorts, its mostly the socks, they're sooo very wrong. Gaye you're a good soul. Always positive and that's nice.

  14. & this from a friend on facebook, Kep said-"I like tight pants better than tight jackets, by far. Best dressed always goes to the white dinner jacket...but I would have paired it with a white shirt rather than the blue""...and maybe added a crimson colored sash"

    that works!

  15. Author, yes I feel that is true about the shoe , but for it presents a heavily oppressive for a woman. I like the kilt, the shorts, I think Ivan is on the right track with his comments. pgt

  16. Ivan, thanks for that, I think I have you All a bit fooled-for those that know me well I am painfully opinionated. I have learned to temper it mostly- In this case- I wanted to hear my Man reader size things up for me . I think you nailed it. Gaye

  17. I like to think about the semiotics of fashion--how one (male or female) uses one's clothes to convey an image or symbol, to tell others what we want them to think about us. It's the dissertation I always wanted to write. When I put on my "professional" clothes, I am putting on both armor and a persona. Men lack the vast variety of choices, but still communicate much with the clothes they choose. In some places, seersucker in summer is a "bold" choice.
    That said, I remember the nun who told me one she loved wearing a habit because she never had to spend any time deciding what to wear.
    Thought provoking post. Thanks.

  18. Little Augury,
    My votes...
    On the Mens side I look for fit first.
    Mr. Bastian's clothes fit him like a truly wonderful dream ...impeccable fit. + Mr. Tonchi is always impeccably fitted.
    While a devoted,ardent fan of Mr. Brown's oeuvre... A documentary I once watched, where Mlle. Chanel explains her objection to the miniskirt has made me biased to fully clothed people with exposed knees.
    In the documentary she juts-out her two elbows to explain the type of wrinkly skin on parts of the body she found to be, not for show. I need to get over her opinion, some people have great-looking knees. Go for it!
    The two beautiful young men have a strange uptight cinematic quality to their fit...adds an edge of mystery...is it the high buttoned vests?
    Also liked Mr. Alexander Wang in perfect fitting plain white shirt,black jeans and sneakers..terrific!
    My vote for the Ladies:
    Tonne Goodman...Stunning! impeccable...Always impeccable.
    Alexa Chung looks charming and appropriately dressed for the time of day.
    Mrs. Iris Apfel...Always Terrific.

    Fashion+Literature+Decor+Sargent+Argos+An endless list of wonderful things, through your eye.
    Thank you,

  19. Mistress Cynthia, the nun's story is a perfect one about a philosophy of dressing like Tonne Goodman, and Grace Coddington. There is a relief in uniform. I have a few friends that have followed that line. Great insights, I am so glad you added to the discussion.

  20. Julio- I agree about the Bastian a Tonchi "looks" best- It is fashion for me with the twist. the Bastian look is pretty original I think. Most Men could go this route and handle it- the other choices not so much. I remember the Chanel dictum, she is right and the short short skirts dont work on about 70% of the women that jump on the trend just to wear a short skirt. The lines in a short dress are certainly ruined to my mind. I am thrilled that you have joined the discussion. Gaye



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