09 June 2010

seeking Sargent

I have made no bones about my love of portraits-the faces, noble and ignoble. Perhaps it is the back story, the history, the baggage- your call-that fascinates.
Do you see things like I do? Why is it that I am constantly seeking Sargent?

Some have it, Some don't. That John Singer Sargent quality-No, not the technical- But the artistry, the faces I seek. Is it
his composition? His sitter? Both?
What makes a good Sargent?

 Jenna Lyons,
J.Crew's Creative Director

Rebecca Greenfield's Photography website here
photograph featured of stylish individualist Jenna Lyons is from Elle Decor here


  1. I think you are yearning for the story, for the lips of the portraits to whisper in your ear the news of their day, their lives, their loves.

    Amazing how much Jenna Lyons looks like Edith Minturn Stokes.

  2. I think only Sargent can make a Sargent.

    I once sat for a portrait class. In one position for hours... not really fun. But it was so fascinating to see all the finished portraits. No two were alike.

  3. What a beautiful picture. The skin tone and the red lips makes me think of Lempicka xx

  4. I've never bowed to the altar of Sargent like so many portrait painters do, I'm a mannerist, but if you like stories w/ the portrait, I make them up along with my little characters: www.arabellaproffer.com

  5. In college... Life Drawing... my easle was across the room from Singer's portrait of Lady Agnew. She stared at me for two, sometimes three hours every day. My heart never recovered entirely.

    If I haven't already mentioned it... your space is wondrous.

  6. Steve, these portraits will do that,No? the depth of his work is astounding. check out a friend's blog- it's about time- for art all the time. & thank you.

  7. I love that Jenna! She changed my world and my wardrobe! I am grateful to her forever!!

    1. She is very stylish-and completely unique in her look! pgt



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