24 July 2010

ah! the glamour of it all


officially 98 degrees on Thursday.

& the temperature in new construction ? sweltering- other than that I can not tell you-

much further along Now-roof on, brick up- yet to be painted, sheetrock happening inside-
Lighting selections being made, cabinet details being fine tuned.


  1. Glamour certainly takes a toll, especially during the heat. I feel so sorry for the builders who I see working in such heat. Looking good, from what I see so far.

  2. PVE, interestingly the builder is a family business and talked about the heat issues. The old timers wore long pants, shirts-to keep themselves cool when they started the perspire. The young guys seem to suffer more because they run about in shorts and t's assuming they are cooler-interesting. I for one went out with only sunscreen and cool whites that were destined to get soaked whether short or long. I am ready for cooler weather. Here in the South I expect at least 2 more months of HOT.

  3. Scott, interesting to see this process always- the house is bricked in and remarkably the brick is quite lovely-however it will get paint and a slather coating in a gray. I have kept that color and the window trim color the same almost and plan to do a much darker gray shutter. pgt



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