24 July 2010

more Argos: the Odyessy Part III

after almost 8 weeks Argos thrives.
It seems he is growing up,not out. It is inevitable. His adopted family is an active one. Walkers, Runners, two boys-all sports all the time and Argos is keeping up. His canine sister SOPHIE is long suffering-
Can't you tell?

Sophie, l. Argos, r.

The fact that a Lady of Sophie's breeding shares HER bed is telling. She must LOVE Argos. It would be hard not to-
My remark to her master- " She looks a bit put out."  Never to let a man get the best of her though-

Argos in Blue, Sophie in Pink

"The dog... is the God of frolic."
 Henry Ward Beecher
 It is right that Sophie establish her throne Now-
Argos will be mighty and strong, and bigger, 
Much bigger.


  1. These two put the whole day in perspective. They are fabulous! Thanks for the photos.

  2. They are so beautiful. The play pictures tell how happy they are.

  3. The are so pretty together. Their"mother" calls it the WWE
    weimaraner wrestling entertainment.

  4. The quote might more appropriately have been, A dog is the frolic of God...



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