09 July 2010

don't speak!


for your weekend entertainment- Helen Sinclair- if you have not seen Bullets over  Broadway-You Must!
Don't Speak, 
You Must!

(this video at the first is blurred-but quickly straightens out-stick with it)

If you do get a chance to watch it, return and let me know what you think.


  1. by the by-this is Diane Wiest-she won everything awardwise in 1994- Oscar, Golden Globe, Screen Actors all in a Supporting role. Is there any wonder? Unforgettable

  2. Is it me...or does SHE look like Ava Gardner? I think you may feel the same way...at least in these photos posted.

    You are right, NO ONE today comes close to Ava's beauty, and the Barefoot Contessa is as close to her own story although it was based on Rita Hayworths' real life story...both uneasy with the fame, and never lucky at love. Rita danced with her father from an early age to put food on the table and clothes on their back, all the while being molested by him...Ava grew up dirt poor without a father on the literal 'Tabacco Road', and she never acclimated to fame, wealth and ALL those men trying to control and love her in Europe and the USA.

    In the end, they were reclusive, their Beauty past, and living alone in splendor...each to die of a terrible disease, but with their heads held high as those gifted from above with 'True Beauty' always should.

  3. I'm ashamed to say I haven't seen it but have always meant to. I love Dianne Wiest. She was brilliant in Edward Scissorhands, one of my favourite films. I shall get myself a copy. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  4. She is great.... such dry wit.

  5. Helen Sinclair is one of the greatest stage characters of all time. I watch that movie every time it comes on. If you love Wiest, check out 1983's Independence Day. She plays a battered wife and only has a few scenes but she plays them with with such a vengeance , it's truly scary.



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