25 July 2010

who do you love?


The Divine Sarah

there must  be someone, or like ME, somehundred, in a historical context that is-
that You love.
I'd Love to Know.
Tell All- unless it is somehundred -limit it to someten.



  1. Les morts et les enfants, bien que l'on s'ennuie de l'injustice.

  2. love Aaron Neville ..... Neville Brothers have been heart and soul of New Orleans forever, and Aaron sings like an angel

    love Joni Mitchell - her voice has evolved into a rusty rattling thing of beauty

    all best from San Antonio


  3. I continue to recheck the comments section for Who Do You Love.....alas, for such a provocative question, the response has been astonishingly slim. But since the question has lingered in my mind ever since you posed it, I'll simply say I love Little Augury for being as stimulating as it is, as consistently elegant, the depth of scholarship makes such satisfying reading, I spent days with Edith Sitwell, weeks with Devastating Beauty, where else but here? I now have a glorious dependency so please take care, eat your Wheaties, remember the sunscreen, do talk to strangers and please know you've made the internet a better place!

  4. Anon, Joni Mitchell Yes!

    Flo- How UTTERLY delightful. You have MADE MY DAY! So consider it likewise. Interesting-I thought this would get some comments too. It is slower with vacations in the summer but still... perhaps it was seen as a filler, No-there is so much to love and the word I think should come in to play more often-whether it be french fries or tofu, I like them both-
    of course You could have guessed that! Gaye



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