25 August 2010

coming & going


-form endures.

 Genius creates, 
and Taste preserves.
Taste is the good sense of Genius; 
Without Taste, Genius is only Divine Folly.
alexander pope

1st image Balenciaga 1965-from Lesley Miller's Balenciaga
2nd image Balenciaga 1957 Winter photograph Harry Meerson from Balenciaga Paris
3rd image Oscar de la Renta worn by Eliza Reed Bolen from the pages of Vogue



  1. Can I even begin to tell you how much I love the incorporation of antiques with fashion? :)

  2. oh my, I absolutely LOVE your blog! I've stayed up wayy too late reading your archives. love love love everything you post-- your interviews are fantastic!

  3. These aexample are sheer genius!

  4. "The Maid is Blest that will not hear
    of Masquerading Tricks,
    Nor lend to Wanton Songs an Ear,
    Nor Sighs for Coach and Six."

    [AP, parody inspired by the 1st Psalm, 1716]

    Somehow I cannot utterly be sure he scaled this maxim for the height of couture; but now that you mention it, he'd save us all a fortune in miscalculation.

  5. Author, I do too-love looking at the new and seeing the old.

    lovely- that is nice to hear, Not about the staying up to late, but that you have enjoyed the posts. come back often.

    David-thank you.

    Laurent- that is Priceless. That will appear on the blog very soon, all thanks to you, I am so glad you can see my way of POPE- YOurs is excellent. pgt

  6. You sketch out, LA, the terms of an ideal rapprochement. One could readily cease to invoke Alexander Pope to the inflation of Yalies, if others could forbear to deflate him, by strange disproportion, to the exaltation of frocks. :)

  7. L. we make a great team, go Yale Blue.pgt



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