26 August 2010

the Season


you may say fashion bores- it has all been seen before. I say- that is what fascinates me about Fashion. I rarely LOOK at Fashion today that I don't see Fashion yesterday. Everything -mostly- has a reference point to history, art, or cinema.

& why?  just 45 years ago-1955, Fashion returns to
form. The cover BALENCIAGA.

form endures. Who better than SUZY MENKES-the one and only FASHION STORYTELLER Extraordinaire- to sum up in Harper's Bazaar September issue no less- THE SEASON  

"This curved and linear geometry is the essence of the new look. Designers have use the compass and the square, but not to create 2-D effects."  SM

(Suzy Menkes a name that should put fear into FASHION'S BLOGGIN' EXPERTS- Do not ever forget your betters-your MUCH betters)- but that is a story for another day.

"Genius creates, and Taste preserves.
Taste is the good sense of Genius;
Without Taste, 
Genius is only Divine Folly."
 alexander pope

SILHOUETTES: Geometric Gadgets are the the tools of the trade, so it is straight as a ruler, angular intersections as drawn with a square, or circles elongated as ovals. SUZY MENKES


Louis Vuitton 

(l to r)  Roland Mouret, Victoria Beckam, Calvin Klein, Antonio Berardi, Marc Jacobs (all from style.com)

THE PHRASES the New Perfection, Sculptural, Feline(eyeliner), Restrained Chic, Black, Sleek Simplicity. 1955-BALENCIAGA.

-fashion history repeating itself, yet again.



  1. So,
    something wicked this may comes......
    and apparently it goes around and makes a full circle given enough time.



  2. Bazaaz, vous avez-dit Bazaar?
    comme c'est bizarre…

  3. Suzy?! So great...love that you posted this...now I want more references from the past! xx

  4. Suzy Menkes- so glad she has a presence at BAZAAR. how did that 12 year old become a fashion arbiter?



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