10 August 2010



                   MISS MARABELLA
To               BARON DE GUNZBURG    From MRS. VREELAND   August 7,1970
                   MRS SIMPSON
Copy to        MRS SCHIFF
                   MRS. MELLEN
                   MRS DI MONTEZEMOLO
                   MRS. HOVEY
                   MISS DONOVAN
                   MRS. INGERSOLL
                   MISS MC KENNA
                   MRS. BUTLER
                   MISS WINKELHORN
                   MISS HAYS
                   MR. DUHE
                   MRS, BLACKMON
                   MRS. GROSS
                   MISS CANNE
                   MRS. FRANKEL

                   The hair is Paris it total hair,  long, straight, thick and 
                   down or in a chignon raised well off the neck.

                   There is no fuss about hair. It looks healthy, strong and totally 
                   No fuss from a hairdresser looks right, it is too tacky for words.
                   I have told you that there are many short, short haircuts.  Also 
                   Garbo has her hair cut like a little boy and she is too beautiful
                   for words with long sideburns.

your Phrase to remember: "too tacky for words"

 another VISIONAIRE 37 memo



  1. Conde Nast Editorial Board,

    I have the ultimate chic & continental hair choice: Shaved. Always smart for any occasion, swimming or a night out.

    Your Fan,

  2. SR that works! I wish I could get away with it-such a hot head of hair I have. I am a terrific fan of PAB in an unabashedly bald way.pgt

  3. When will my style of choice, The ponytail, become much to youthful?? I hope not for many years to come. I would not wish to end up in the "too tacky for words" group. However, with age comes a sense of "I don't give a damn" what other people think as long as I am happy!!

  4. Seeing what came before the memo -- that tortured, permed, weekly-hairdresser-visit hair of grandmothers everywhere -- I have to applaud her efforts.

  5. TBKESS- I think my dear I have seen your ponytail and it is too Divine! A pony looks good at any age-I will seek the advice of my hair designer upon my next visit to find a new TWIST for you- You will never be in the too tacky cat-only too too much cat.

  6. mamacita-that is a great point! would be interesting to find out exactly when blow outs became in Vogue.

  7. Ladies (& gentleman) u dont want to go shaved - believe me, I had to due to chemo for a year. It was the most denigrating experience of my life. A woman's hair is her personality. Just think about it, when we want to be sexy we do it one way, sporty another & so on. Shaved is not an option!

  8. Lindaraxa- I do think there are many guys that do this-I have a couple of friends-it just seems easy for them-I always think of Yul Brenner. An option for guys surely. It must be devastating to have to do this-I know any thing done without a CHOICE is never a fashion statement. I am sending good thoughts out to you and hope all is well for you now. Gaye

  9. I'm most curious about the "Beautiful Throat Exercises" -- not neck, mind you, but throat.

  10. I loved this, thanks for sharing another gem Gaye xx



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