10 August 2010

like this


You will like this


seeing this
prompted this
from here
"Obviously inspired by the famous 1960s Vogue photograph of Veruschka similarly haloed in blonde Dynel braid"

thank you again.

( Veruschka in dynel rope coiled Ara Gallant, photographed Franco Rubartelli)- image from DIANA VREELAND by Eleanor Dwight



  1. Now I know what to do with my hair for my wedding! Bravo!!

  2. That Veruschka pic never ceases to amaze me! So much Dynel!

  3. KH-Great for the beach wedding apparently she was lying sand with all of this dynel! Can you imagine-from the book it would seem DV gave Her and photographer boyfriend FR creative freedom to do whatever shoots they wanted. I am sure by now as witnessed in the most current coif photograph lighter materials are avail. otherwise have you attends dressed as mermaids and go for it. pgt

  4. AAL- Really too much, that's why we love it. pgt



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