15 August 2010

The Elements of a Room: My Own


continued from this post here  Getting the Picture and what I like.
a picture of a favorite room is there to inspire-not to copy. It will never come out-no matter what the mags tell you-because it is not your room. I used the two rooms in Getting the picture as reminders-
It is good to stray-preferred really.

both rooms are decorated by Henri Samuel. They each tell me different things about Balance, Scale, Authenticity, Arrangement, Repetition, Layers, Texture, Detail, Color.  the "IDEA" : take things you find and find out  and make them your own. 

Here are the elements of my room. I am missing paint. I left a Living Room of Turkish apricot in my last house and filled this room with books-the Walls here are a Pale ( I mean P A L E lilac)
I miss the color. 

& how tempting that deep plum color is in Samuel's own apartment?

I can see that color right now somewhere between the old Chinese rug-

somewhere between a

        rubus ursinis idaeus

& a

   prunus institia

but dusty,
very dusty

               Elephas maximus



  1. love that sssnake, love it all. want to crawl onto the couch.

  2. I want to visit you and sit in this room!!!

  3. THe color you propose would be the finishing touch I think.

  4. I say go for it and paint the ceiling, too!

  5. Some rooms are just rooms - yours is a life...an interesting life. I love how you ended your post with snippets of color from nature.

  6. Ditto -- love the room, love the snake, i like the pale lilac and also love deep dark colors and second the ceiling painting as part of the over-all plumming.

  7. Everyone come down- lets have a painting party! Gaye

  8. I love the eclectic look... but I really love the just a touch of decay look.

    Great post.

  9. Oh! That beautiful rug!!! Yes, somewhere between the sunlight and shadow.

  10. Love all the detail shots -thats what makes any room!

  11. Love this room!
    With your choice of color, consider a gloss paint tone, adding to the present comfortable sparkle and historical mood and glamour. If there is enough wall space to consider another color and leaving the bookcases in a whitish tone, paint the backs. Imagine a warm silk velvet in a deep reddish tone.
    Adding to your favored designers, I believe Marcel Proust would be very much at home in your room!

  12. Anon- I have thought to paint the cases the same as walls. Proust is well represented on the shelves. pgt

  13. I love the famous Marella Agnelli book cover leaning on the floor next to the cobra. Wow!

  14. Leigh at jezebel thanks! http://www.anothermag.com/loves/view/5048/still_life_by_Little_Augury

    thanks Liz-2 of my fav books-and that is not a styled photo-just like that everyday.



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