15 August 2010

schubert's trout


swimming in the thames
schubert 22 composer
perlman  23 violin
zuckerman 21 viola
barenboim 26 piano
mehta   31  bass
du pre  24 cello

 more Franz Schubert here.



  1. Mr and Mrs Barenboim in recital together? In an age when almost all the young I know at University think a "concert" is something sequenced by a disc jockey, I would say that there couldn't possibly be a more salutary or radical posting. How bold of you to cite them as models to twinks.

    Now, for tea, Cambridge:


  2. Thank you, what more can one say really?

    Thank you for this day and the magnificent creativity of your exquisite blog.

  3. L.Wonderful to see that force of talent harnessed for such a performance. I have admired this woman -too brief her time but overwhelmingly making a mark with the most heavenly cello strains. Take heart-Laurent, my niece now 27, will occasionally post a duPre video on facebook. she does play violin since about 4 years- mostly original alternative with a soupçon of mountain folk (!?) Thank you for the trout- Schubert always pleasing whether tea or? pgt

  4. Tish, I am so happy to hear from you-read you each time you post. and thank you. I can never take any praise for something like this blog when such beautiful sounds can be evoked from wood and string. there are more videos of Du Pre and doc. of her life as well. pgt



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