27 September 2010

dreams of the stage


sent 1908

 My dear Girlie
I received your extremely short note I was waiting for you
to come on Monday night, but- Jessie told me why you did not come
Love from Marty

sent 1915
another for your collection am still having a nice time. Best regards, Awm

(sisters Phyllis and Zena Dare)

all of these old postcards go to a certain "Miss"- a collector of  "ladies of the theatr"e & referred to as "Girlie"- "Tootsie"and later "Old Girlie "-so the years went by. -passing from 1906 through the first World War with cards printed in Prussia-London- Berlin. They are mailed from Cape of Good Hope,South Africa and from within spots in the UK. I think from the lines in some of the posts the South Africa connection is an Uncle or Brother.

It doesn't tell us much, however- I was taken with the ladies and a few of the notes. The cards collected slow after 1918, but the collector did add one news clipping hand dated 11/11/47: it records the sailing of well known British actress, Miss Zena Dare to South Africa, where she would appear in IVOR NOVELLO'S Perchance to Dream-opening in Johannesburg for a six-week run and will then go to Capetown. "I was last in South Africa in 1928-9 when I took my own company on a seven months' tour of the Union and Rhodesia. I have many friends in South Africa whom I am looking forward to meeting again." Was our Girlie there for the performance?

sent 1908
" dear Scottie 
how is it that I get no answer from you. 
I remain your young friend-K.M xxxx"

(a suitor?)

sent 1913

My Dear Girlie
know (sp)  doubt you will Be thinking me a nice one for not writing
to you to answer your news- know & welcome letter
But shall write you a long letter on Tuesday night. 
Have Been  t busy lately t write. Hoping this pc finds you in 
the Best of Health. With love from Tommy

sent 1908

Dear Girlie I have not received any letter from you yet-we are all well. 
yet we are had a very nice Picnic on Monday the 9th 
So I remain yours, Love TB

(Gladys Cooper portrayed Maxim de Winter's sister in Rebecca! and Mrs. Higgins in My Fair Lady- movies.)

sent 1914

Dear Miss Buitendacht
I believe you collect post cards. so hope this one will find its way into your album.
 Have those Goolies broken into any more houses since I left. If they break into your place,
just give me a shout. I hope you dont mind sending you a p.c. 
Kindest regards to all at Ivy Cottage Yrs sincerely, C Rothmar   

(a little romance?)

sent 1914

dear Dorothy I hope this will find you quite well many thanks for your letter
which I am glad to say that I received quite safe. I will close now
with my Best love from your loving Friend. W.H.G.Gingell

the housing of these post cards was undeniably worthless and beyond hope of repair- the contents however held priceless dreams and I got them for a song-

(the tunes from Gaby Deslys)



  1. Edwardian post cards are brilliant for two important reasons: a] we can see just as elegant and refined their clothes were and b] we can see how much more confident women were about going onto the professional stage. Many thanks.

  2. What an intriguing collection! I wonder who "Girlie" was!? Any other clues mixed in with the postcards? I love the text-ariffic short-hand in the pcs, t.

  3. And Miss Gladys Cooper played Bette Davis's imperious mother in
    Now, Voyager. She was a great beauty in her day, and in fact needed
    rather a lot of applied "wrinkles" for that role.

  4. This is a delightful collection. I appreciate Hels commentary on the era. Some of these ladies were from an aristocratic backgrounds. These are a treasure trove for many reasons. Thank you for sharing them.

  5. What a wonderful and priceless collection!

  6. Hels and Anon- great points. It was an elegant time for dress.

    Mr. Worthington- I think I ran across that in my reading.

    Townhouse- that is interesting to see the short hand. &
    Bruce- I could not resist the collection and paid I think 5 or 6 dollars-if that.

  7. How Romantic, how sweet. It is so impressive to see what they wore, their expressions. Loving these pictures!

  8. Dear Gaye, these are beautiful, thanks for sharing. I've just read Toby's comment, I remember Gladys Cooper in Now Voyager - great film.

    The last one is my favourite. What a beauty she was! xx

  9. What a find! Marvelous collection. I would have snapped them up, too.

  10. Ah, my Dear Girlie, what a collection!



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