04 September 2010

seriously PUCCI


a look a the colossal limited edition PUCCI 
(10,000 copies)

 each has its own Pucci silk cover-
actual measures 14.5 square
weighs in at 10 pounds
over 400 pages

all images are photographed from the TASCHEN edition
amazon has them here



  1. I should say- definitely worth every penny and its weight in gold, sometimes these disappoint-this one does not.pgt

  2. I love Taschen. It seems to be a wonderful company. I own a few Tashcen books and they are all such "little" treasures.

  3. I agree I have several Taschen books on art and this one on Pucci looks to be absolutely amazing!

    Art by Karena

  4. A Pucci print distills the essence of joie de vivre better than anything I know. It is an Italian niche perfume for the eyes: a high summer's floral bouquet, mixed with a zesty top note of sharp citrus, a heart note of sweetly sinful spice, and a base note of smooth vanilla cream.

    Thank for the wonderful pick-me-up!

  5. What a great post - I had no idea about the book, and am so thankful you wrote about it. (Taschen is the BEST!) I have always loved Pucci, ever since my mom had a Pucci blouse in the 60's - how I wish she still had it!

    You might be interested in my posts on the Missonis here:

    and here:

  6. Bruce, enjoying your posts. where would we be
    without books? pgt

    Karena, You would be SO inspired with your work. It might be a good one for you.

  7. Nancy- so perfectly put and glad you graced little augury with your prose. Just delicious. The book is something-I hesitate with some like it-and have been disappointed-not this one. pgt

  8. Kate, thanks for stopping in, I loved the missoni post-lots to inspire. This book sounds like it has your name on it! pgt

  9. I'm far too desirous of this book for my own good. You are the lucky one

    I've always liked the idea that Mr. Pucci presaged the psychedelic side of the 1960s with his designs - one doesn't foretell the future everyday, after all

    All best, Gaye,


  10. Fantastic post. Pucci's colours are so inspiring xx



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