04 October 2010

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 NH & friend read the blog entry here

in the sphere of blogging there are some stellar ones. new discoveries shining out. One I am especially admiring is the new Nicky Haslam blog. I have written-He is the One, my decorator for the decorator. Is it his ability to nimbly create fresh "period"spaces, references to the grand rooms of the past or his personal joie de vivre?
Inevitably -It must be both.

Now- lo, Nicky & his Creative Director at NH Design, Colette van den Thillart, pictured above are writing the posts and they are going to be all about favorite topics like- design, parties and his inspirations. Can not wait to get caught up on the posts and follow along. If you've read his rollicking biography-memoir You will know the blog will be buzzing.

This is a great new resource for great things- So get off to this post and read the article from Financial Times by Nicky, HALLOWED HAVEN  It is all about the English drawing room. My favorite line from the article is:

The room should not be immaculate: otherwise it becomes stiff, formal and uninviting. NH

My new credo
My "if only." room by NH.

Other NH posts at little augury are HERE.


  1. Thanks for the Good News-!

    Took a Peak at Nicky Haslam's Blog -
    Very Elegant-!
    A Great addition to my Blog List-!

  2. I have added Nicky as well, it is very exciting to see the images and read his postings!

    Art by Karena

  3. Thank You for the introduction.

    I love his style.

  4. A glorious link...thank you! I always keep the change!

  5. I haven't read Nicky Haslam's book, and I wouldn't let him anywhere near my dressing room--which room I don't have, anyway--but he & his good, common-sense advice would be more than welcome in my drawing room--if had one of those. Even without one, he'd be welcome. I think he'd approve my mis-matched fabrics, worn rugs & tables with bubbled veneers. No one's ever afraid to sit on my chairs or put down a glass.

    When people who live in giant houses complain that no one ever uses their living rooms, it's usually because their decor says Keep Out whereas all of Haslam's rooms, whether cozy or grand, have an air of real life about them. It's not that hard to copy a good-looking room, but figuring out exactly why one handsome room looks welcoming & another is merely a pretty picture can be difficult. I'm looking forward to see what Haslam has to say.

  6. Magnaverde- So happy to have your finely tuned eye agreeing with Mine. The book is a fun read, his work is outstanding. You said it well and I think he would approve of all of your creature comforts. I know I will learn lots and be highly entertained along the way.I have a back log of posts to tie down on his work, so I will return. pgt

  7. I love his work even though he thinks it's common to be Scottish!

  8. This is one of my all time favorite rooms ever. It's strange to be in New Orleans and to walk by and look up and know that this room you adore is right behind that window. Oh that purple wood floor!!!

  9. I have written-He is the One, my decorator for the decorator.

  10. Dentist- I have a number of NH posts and he has a blog now, check my blog suggestions at right.



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