03 October 2010

Scrapping with Cecil


eagerly awaiting, the ultimate SCRAPbook.

from Assouline  with a delayed release date of November - It may be THE ultimate holiday  gift for purveyors of STYLE.

compiled by James Danziger of Danziger Projects in New York & former Director of Photography at the London Sunday Times Magazine, features editor of Vanity Fair, and director of Magnum New York.

As one of the 20th century’s most important photographers, Cecil Beaton helped invent the cult of the celebrity image while pushing the boundaries of his art form with innovative techniques and staging. In the course of his decades-long career as a photographer for Vogue and Vanity Fair, as well as a British war correspondent, Cecil Beaton documented lives both famous and quotidian in dozens of scrapbooks now held by Sotheby’s London.

I can just see Cecil & Garbo "scrapping" in Beaton's living room at the Plaza Hotel, c.1964.

photograph by Dmitri Kessel, from LIFE

Cecil snaps a photo.

image from here

in the meanwhile read LOVING GARBO by Hugo Vickers-a- can't put it down read.
or any of the Cecil Beaton diaries from Knopf.



  1. Reggie wants this book. He must have it. He must. He will not be satisfied until the moment that he does . . .

  2. Reggie Darling, Yes, mine is on ordered since for Forever-Amazon has it for a wonderful price. LA

  3. These are really wonderful images. Have a wonderful week ahead! Kellie xx

  4. How on earth did I not know about this!!!
    I just tidied, edited, scrunched all the books in my cases in anticipation of several good reads I know coming out this fall, but did not know of this one.
    Thank you so for telling. Going to Amazon straight-away.
    I love all things Cecil B. Re-read the entire set of diaries about once a year. He was the truly the the most "chic fly on the wall" of so many dinners, events, locations, parties, moments, movements.
    What a life!

  5. Oh Im a steady scrapbooker

    This is my current! some from it

  6. It's at the top of my list -seriously. And LOVE that vicker's book on Garbo. In fact, love ALL of Vicker's books I think!

  7. Kelli, a genius indeed.

    Thea, I know NOT, we are usually on the same wavelength. I trusted now that is remedied.

    louise- i should get in on this!

    daniel, stefan- Yes, Now we all wait together

    The Garbo is a must read for anyone-Cecil or Greta or Hugo fan or fan of good dishing.



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