01 October 2010

thinking of PINK


thinking of PINK
thanks to fellow blogger, Mrs. Blandings' annual "Post Pink" prompting
to mark the 1st day of breast cancer awareness month.
from textile designer LULU's Trail of Inspiration a cushion honoring her mother. I adore her blog-its personal,  original & full of inspiration.

if you have ever had a call to return to have additional views done after an initial MAMMOGRAM screening, you must know the things that run through your head. 
not thinking.
& thinking positively.
I have had this call twice over the 25 or so years. Just recently- and though the radiologist assures me there is little concern-I will go back in a few months for an update. I know something is there. I go jauntily along with daily routines-just as if I did not know.
but I DO & 
I am better off-knowing- 

 being AWARE is what it is all about.   



  1. Lovely to show us these images to remind us of something so so important.

    I too am posting pink today!

    Art by Karena

  2. Thank you for this beautiful and timely reminder of the importance of breast cancer awareness month and an annual mammogram. I've never met a woman who has not experienced that hard little knot of fear at least once in her life.

  3. I found my first lump at 21, now 40 years later no cancer thank goodness but five biopsies. It is indeed the knock of the devil at the door. But you are like me and you stare right back at it, sister. Follow your gut.

  4. Home-I think positively on these things-its the little stuff I get crazed over! xo, Gaye

  5. Lovely post! I just had dinner with 3 friends of mine who are teachers, and all at their school wore pink for Breast Cancer Awareness today. One was wearing a pink t-shirt from a Breast Cancer walk.
    This absolutely radiant woman walked up to our table, bent to hug her, saying "she doesn't know me!". And, then to all of us, said that she was an 11 year survivor! She was healthy and happy!
    Great reminder to mind our health and that of our "sisters", and we are all sisters!

  6. Gaye, you have such a gift for...I will coin a term here...Exuberant Restraint in your writing, you are a pleasure to read even as you take us into the face of your personal terror. What a perfect phrase you've left us: "I am better off knowing." Thank you.



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