30 September 2010

Lesley Blanch walks the dog


a Lesley Blanche illustration for Pamela Hinkson's 1933 British Vogue story about one of my favorite subjects- dogs & in this case their national origins.

'Admittedly it is as common for women to express their clothes, as for their clothes to express them. Yet in these islands it is in our dogs that we often best express ourselves, or sometimes-they turning the tables on us- express them. They express our way of living as well as, or better than, we do ourselves.' Pamela Hinkson

illustration from DOGS IN VOGUE by  Judith Watt.



  1. Hi there! And WOW! One of my favorite blog posts ever!

    Just so you know! This is a brilliant and cogent quote.......how was it missed?

  2. Penelope, I am glad you agree. Right now with my dog Zetta I am sure of it. I love reading Lesley Blanche's Vogue articles. pgt



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