27 February 2011

Charles James@Oscar


''We wanted something more voluptuous.''
Charles James & Dominique de Menil

Mrs. Charles James 
photographed by Cecil Beaton

as if blogs don't make predictions- making it's return debut two years ago here-this Charles James gown at STIRRED STRAIGHT UP WITH A TWIST. when I started this post as the Oscar's wrap up-  here's the dress and the great style of vintage that can not be denied.

February 27 2011
Marisa Tomei in Charles James at Oscar

photograph from bella sugar here
the dress 1950 vintage Charles James from Lily et Cie
her jewelry from Van Cleef and Arpels

1924 portrait of Dominique by Max Ernst hangs in the living room, facing another of his canvases,  
Return of la Belle Jardinière (1967), and across from the signature piano, chaise and ottoman

Charles James surrounded by his models in celebration

the de Menil collection here

in the works: about Charles James and Dominique de Menil



  1. Beaton's photo of a roomful of Charles James-clad debutantes takes my breath away every time I see it. Gayle, do you have the opportunity to wear such gowns? I do not, but my tres chic daughter collects vintage gowns and wears them to gay balls and events in NYC (where, male or female, one cannot be too glamorous!)

  2. diane, that is a beauty. heavens No- no place to wear this sort of thing! I love vintage. pgt



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