28 February 2011

Lavender pale & cool


"Givenchy Haute Couture pleats in palest lilac—class and cool" 
Andre Leon Talley said of Cate Blanchett
Vogue here

 Cate Blanchett  class & cool

& if you missed it

Florence Welch in Givenchy Couture at the Grammys 2011

 & at Givenchy Spring Haute Couture 2011

see Charles James@Oscar here
images from Givenchy at Vogue here



  1. I admire Cate Blanchett but that gown did not appeal to me at all, I found it unflattering at the top and an hybrid between soft, romantic and Star Wars. My favorite Givenchy were the ones when Hubert de G. was dressing Audrey Hepburn.
    I am an Armani girl (just posted on his latest Fall/Winter collection) or when I dare more a Vivienne Westwood one.

  2. Brillante-you are right soft and space age.Of course no one will surpass Givenchy with Hepburn. I find it difficult in general to see a name like that carried along-which means so many times the name is the draw- witness some of the current designers carrying on these singular iconic names that their own work can not compare to.

  3. Donna, I can not help but think candy buttons on paper melting! that decoration on the straps and front in the sort of horseshoe shape- and pockets too!

  4. I didn't like the front panel at first, but it grew on me - I rather liked the overall effect - and of course, I featured it as well.

  5. Spot on. The oddity of the couture presentation takes away from those gorgeous dresses. Florence Welch wears hers well and that swan applique is magnificent and I noticed the pockets as well. AW

  6. The whole Givenchy collection is an enigma to me...don't understand any of the gowns and most of them look like they were designed for a Japanese anime character. The gown Cate Blanchett wore looked like she had a skin condition...just awful!



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