13 December 2010

an Atelier Holiday with Madeline Weinrib


I don't think I'm stretching it when I suggest the patterns in this Madeline Weinrib wool and silk Medina carpet look like the snowflake patterns I remember seeing as a child, and later never understanding when asked to study them in detail in my studies. Madeline is obviously way ahead on snowflakes & so luckily - has consented to gather some of her favorite things from her Atelier for your pleasure.

I've taken the liberty of adding a few of my own picks from her collection too.

 "Sit right down in this horn chair my little deer &  tell me what you want for Christmas?
Have you been a good little girl?"

 Oh Yes! Santa. I want this.

Madeline Weinrib's color palette is just one thing that sets her apart in the industry where she has made her mark. She is known for using lush color and opulent pattern-drawing on a wealth of sources gleaned from her travels & has taken the authentic patterns of Asia and reinterpreted their traditional forms. In addition to her signature collection of carpets and textiles, her chicly-appointed atelier on the 6th floor of ABC Carpet & Home showcases her expanding repertoire of evening bags, caftans and limited edition vintage furniture.

Madeline's Ikat Lingerie bags

Produced in three of Madeline’s feminine Pink Ikats, the use of her hand woven fabrics adds a modern, unexpected twist to the traditional lingerie bag. Lined in quilted silk, this glamorous and romantic accessory is ideal for the boudoir or sophisticated traveler.

 A wonderful feminine quality defines this Madeline Weinrib fabric, Madeline designed the fabric taking her inspiration from Marie Antoinette. This print also comes in a blue colorway here

Take a look at all of these gorgeous clutches. The colors in the Ikats are so enticing-I've had trouble picking a favorite.
Purple Luce? Cherry Jam ? Pink Sommers Suzani?

  Ikat Journals

Just in time and especially for the holidays this year Madeline had her Ikat signature fabrics made up into sophisticated journals. Madeline’s signature Ikat patterns are lush and color rich making these journals out right luxurious. The silver gilded edged paper adds to the journal’s refinement and makes your lists- whether dreamlike or practical.

Here are a few of my favorite things from her collection of textiles paired with classic and modern chairs, ottomans and the occasional surprise. These are the pieces that caught my eye-along with the horn chair covered in Zig Zag

I adore(& I don't say that lightly-you know) this ottoman.

all items are from MADELINE WEINRIB here & linked throughout this post!

& one more thing- what about these cashmere throws? & this detailed look at this Lido Blockprint Quilt. You didn't know about those did you? This print from her fabric collection.

tomorrow Madeline takes us along on her travels from New York to India sharing more of her favorites gift ideas. Don't miss the sparkling, the exotic, or the delicious picks Madeline found for You and Yours.

See you tomorrow.



  1. little augury, every piece you selected needs to go in one room with lush brown sofas. The "snowflake" rug, the cashmere throw and the brown Ikats are pining for a home. Teriff post as always.

  2. Dear Gaye, another great designer you've introduced me to. The colour palette is fantastic xx

  3. pve- a painter's palette certainly.

    Anon- Would love to put that room together for You. I love the poms on the ends of that cashmere throw!

    Christina- the clutches are pretty great! The colors are her own-reinterpreting the patterns in colors we love-black , pink, blues-all so pretty.

  4. of course I do love that pink- and it does feel pink enough for Marie Antoinette indeed. xo

  5. Oh yes, that wool and silk Medina carpet is just the perfect snowflake piece. Good eye! The other images are lovely. You knew I would like these!

  6. The snowflake patterns are fascinating and very beautiful - lovely, lovely items...



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