12 December 2010

CASTAING 15 & 21

The winners of the signed World of Madeleine Castaing book give away are announced.

  Jezebel and wagnerj8. 

 I await your instructions-


At the age of 15 I met my beloved Marcellin. Yes, I chased him. It was as if my heart was carried away with our first brief, but hypnotic glances. We disappeared for hours. I was 15. Marcellin was fifteen years older. He taught me all I know about love.

In 1915-five years after we met-we married.
Marcellin and Leves were my passion - 
and obsession.
15. that is the number that led me to the happiest days of my life.

My design successes catupalted me into the world of decorating. In April of 1946, a heavenly Paris spring, I established myself in a shop at 21, rue Bonaparte. It was a bit shocking & I do love to shock. I would be at this corner for the rest of my years.

Here- Paris came to kneel & later the world made its pilgrimage to do the same.
21, rue Bonaparte-my magical number. unlike Chanel 5- 
who had to tell the world about her good fortune-even bottling it.
 I, Madeleine,held mine to my breast &  seared it to my heart and my memory.

15 &  21.
the winners were selected by the two significant numbers in Madame Castaing's long life. the 21st comment was posted by Jezebel- excluding my own comments. while # 15 was derived from the seven comments of an add'l Castaing post and the 1st 8 comments in the original post.

all the above is the imagined commentary of that divine lady- Madeleine Castaing.



  1. A contest! Dear me, I am too late in discovering your little ... place. Beautiful, beautiful. I will be on top of my game come the next round. Promise.

  2. Dear Gaye, I'm hoping I will get this for Christmas. I love everything you've shown me from it xx



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