15 December 2010

Charlotte Moss Shares


 wrapping up the holidays at Tete A Tete
Charlotte's blog

Charlotte Moss has lots going on-in the Fall of this year the Royal Oak Foundation presented her with the Timeless Design Award, in recognition of her work in design, historical preservation and philanthropy. Well deserved- and that single accolade tells the tale. It  means seven books to her credit, with her eight in the upcoming year, a fabric collection launching in 2011 through Fabricut, as well as designing china, carpet, decorative accessories and home fragrances. Her board work is extensive- The Thomas Jefferson Foundation- Monticello, the Bone Marrow Foundation, as well as serving as co-chair for the UNICEF Snowflake Gala for the past five years, helping to raise millions for the worlds’ neediest children. She adds publishing a blog- Tete-A-Tete, to her stack of activities- and is a contributing editor to the Wall Street Journal magazine...

Charlotte Moss photographed at the UNICEF Snowflake Gala, 2007

&  She is here to share some of her thoughts about the fast approaching holidays.

What is on your Christmas List this year?

CM: AS for Christmas.....one could sit and list wants all day long.....I do not
need a thing. If I had to list anything it would be experiences, travel and
Putting together a Great trip with a group of girlfriends to tour houses and gardens....

Going to work with children through UNICEF, OPERATION SMILE, .....learning,
contributing AND. Learning from that.

in the spirit of  giving Charlotte's blog takes time out to remind her readers:

 read more about giving back here

Charlotte, What gifts will you be giving friends this year?

CM: For Christmas this year I have made a book for friends.....all summer long I took photographs. They are now in a book we did with BLURB.com.....love their software! I used some photographs to make postcards as gifts-boxed in Italian paper boxes. 

No divulging the book's  subject- 
but what glorious photographs Charlotte has shared on her blog  this year-

 all photographs courtesy of Charlotte Moss

CM: Along with the books, I am always collecting antique linens and every once in awhile I find someone's monogram on them! Other times, I have them monogrammed- hand towels, sets of napkins, a teacloth napkins.

photograph courtesy of Charlotte Moss

with all the things Charlotte is designing- there are some things from her collections for my Wish List. Her most recent collection for Halcyon Days is called Wanderlust. I love these bracelets along with all the other  small treasures found in her Halcyon Days collections.

I asked Charlotte to tell me about her inspiration for Wanderlust:

CM: We create things that either move us or are stirring within...Whether it is a  day trip to see something new, or a trip long long in the planning  stage, the thought of travel always brings a level of excitement,  and expectation. I have charm bracelets with charms from cities around the world...among other things.  These enamel pieces from the Wanderlust Collection were a modern, colorful and more graphic attempt at interpreting a 'note' from these cities.

 I would be thrilled to open any one of the pieces from the Wanderlust Collection or her Muse Collection. Here are some of my own picks from the collections.

from Wanderlust- these bracelets are so pretty. I would wear these two together. The first is her ANKARA bangle and is 3/4" wide, while the second one is called Istanbul & is 1 1/2" wide.


& added to the Muse Collection are these bedside clocks- they are just under 2 inches.

&  just to hold you over when you can't wait a moment longer for her new book Charlotte Moss Decorates ( below at l.) or you've plumbed the archives of her blog, caught up on her WSJ contributions- 

get my favorite of all Charlotte's books- Winter House, It is a perfect companion for the colder months and in the spring her Decorates book will be waiting.

thanks so much Charlotte for taking time to help celebrate the holidays at Little Augury.

see more Charlotte on her website   here
& see more of the Halcyon Muse Collection here



  1. She is so incredibly talented and such a sweet lady. Before heather and I went to Paris last year she sent us each postcards she had made of her favorite spots around Paris and Versailles from her own photographs. I'll treasure them always!

  2. Charlotte is a wonderful role model. I had the pleasure of visiting her room at Kips Bay show house in 2009. I see that it’s featured on the cover of her new book. The room was amazing… Looking forward to buying her new book. Great post!

  3. Darling clocks!
    I agree... Winter House is a wonderful book.

  4. Stefan, how great, can't blame you for treasuring them. pgt

    Elegance- thanks, that is a lovely room. look forward to the book too.

    Pamela- aren't those clocks wonderful? I need one.

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed this post as I am a huge fan of her work and admire her generous spirit!

  6. HEAVEN, of course. What else could it be?

    (can you imagine receiving one of the books? talk about dreamy)

    Thank you both. This was much more delicious than any plate of Christmas cookies could ever be. xxoov

  7. She is the epitome of taste and graciousness from the fur cuffs of her leather jacket to the lens of her camera. A fitting tribute to a lovely woman.

  8. AA- we can all agree on that.

    VT- glad you enjoyed it,yes to that book! She is an excellent photographer.

    Anon- thoroughly agreed.



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