30 December 2010

Favorite Posts of 2010 iv : Christina of Fashion's Most Wanted


 Glamorous Christina Lindsay in a smashing dress made by Mrs. Jones. from a Harley Davidson flag  
photographs from FMW. 

Christina Lindsay of Fashion's Most Wanted is one of the busiest and most gracious of blog writers this one has met. I discovered Christina's blog this year from the House of Beauty and Culture- (affectionately known as HOBAC). Since HOBAC is one of those blogs I hold sacred and dear-whatever is recommended from that quarter I leap to.

 a glimpse from Mrs Jones lookbook

I was not disappointed. Christina is a wonderful interviewer-being one of my favorite things to do as well-I am always studying the work of others. Two of my very favorite posts of hers are an interview with the fashion designer Mrs. Jones and a post Christina calls Me and Mrs Jones. These two damsels are friends- longstanding & great friends and it shows in these two stories.

I was taken with the friendship and the warmth of the interplay between the two. The interview introduces us to a woman doing things- not always smoothly- but Her Way and succeeding gloriously. I was captivated. Not to mention all the photographs Christina put together for the post- it is a fashion smash hit from the 80's and 90's!

Photography by Lee Jenkins
 Mrs Jones (aka Fee Doran) with Christina of Fashion's Most Wanted
  from the Evening Standard in 2001

Do not miss this story.

another wonderful interview from Christina is one with Julie Newmar.  The interview came about when CL pronounced Ms. Newmar the best Catwoman ever ( I concur) & JN contacted her with thanks.

the rest is here.


I really can't wait to see what Christina has for Fashion's Most Wanted in 2011.
I will be reading.

& so should You.




  1. Such a wonderful choice and Christina is right your blog is delightful xx

  2. Dear Gaye, thank you so much for including me. It would be wonderful if more people read about Fee, she's so talented and brilliant to be around.

    Thank you for all your support. Have a wonderful evening, Christina xx

  3. Make do style- thank you and I agree wholeheartedly.
    Christina- she is wonderfully full of life and what a life! I would love to meet you both- and thank you for coming my way so often it is a pleasure to read your blog and comments here. pgt

  4. I adore both of your blogs! Flawless taste, hips of style, a dash if humor....my kind of GAL friends! Hugs to both. Ciao ML

  5. Do you know what happened to her? I loved her blog.



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