30 December 2010

Favorite Posts of 2010 v: the Style Saloniste


"Carmen (Homage to Munkacsi)"
Coat by Cardin
Place Francois-Premier, Paris

August 1957

Diane Dorrans Saeks of the Style Saloniste says:
"This iconic sixties image  by Richard Avedon captures my own mood when I'm in Paris—off the ground, leaping with happiness, and yet calm and focused."

while I might be more this-

Dovima with Sacha

Cloche by Balenciaga
Cafe des Deux Magots, Paris,August 1955

I am following as much to the letter as possible Diane's Paris Journal. though "My Trip" is not slated for the New Year, I return to this post time and again to take this wonderful trip with Diane to Paris, stopping at all of her favorite spots and drinking in the sites as only Diane can do. For the moment a ongoing pick me up is Diane's book Paris Style-

another of Diane's posts that I favored is her visit to Chateau de Haroue to see the chateau and the meticulously curated collection of Givenchy, Balenciaga, and Venet.

 there is a truly delectable book accompanying this exhibit available that just happened to be one of my Christmas gifts!


Diane will be traveling the world again in 2011- no doubt- and whether I go behind her is suspect- So, happily with anticipation will I await her adventures and oh the stories she will tell.



  1. Dear Gaye,

    I am SO HAPPY to see YOU finally on the Blog...and Happy New Year cheer from me to YOU for a most ENCHANTING 2011.

    The Balenciaga catalog from Haroue is Beautiful and a perfect compliment to your Library holdings of this so Mysterious yet exclusive Artist...one day, I hope to see you in person.

    Your truly a Soul Sister,


  2. Looking forward to another year of beautiful stories, enchanting places, magic images on The Style Saloniste and on Little Augury.
    You both are an inspiration.
    Buon Anno!

  3. WONDERFUL Paris fix this morning thankyou I have a huge book of Avedons work which ive had for years and treasure thankyou I LOVE all your historical pieces You have the complete blog for me Happy New Yaer Gaye

    Fay xx

  4. The Dovima photograph is such a classic and pretty much mirrors my day to expression - without the stunning looks and coruscating glamour!

  5. Gaye how you both have such a way with words and imagery...it is truly magic

    Happy New Years!

    Art by Karena

  6. Dear Patricia Gaye-

    I am so honored...to be honored on your wonderful blog. You have always been one of my absolute favorites and one of the most mysterious and magical!
    I have some marvelous travels and adventures planned for 2011--and if ever you get bored or impatient to read of my trips, you can leaf through THE STYLE SALONISTE archive and find amazement.
    cheers, DIANE



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