21 December 2010

greetings cards have all been sent


I get mounds of old postcards I've collected over the years out each Christmas to reacquaint myself with. Stacks and stacks full of style, reflecting the design of the times they were posted in.

I love cards-I am getting some of them via email from fabric houses, other vendors. They are pretty and appreciated-

but- Don't you love to open the colorful envelopes in the mail? Cards from the post are really an extravagance Now, and I still do love them so.

In the New York apartment of Carroll Petrie
a perfectly beautiful way to show cards off & add festively to the decorations
(from an old Town & Country)

I get many from clients in the post with photographs of their children- I am crazy over these, such fun to see the changes just in a year. I've shared this one before with permission-  and today an update arrived from these two that I would love to share-but I won't. These boys are growing into men, one is now over 6 feet tall-
Still they are full

it is good to grow &
& yet, not abandon some of that
& Joy.

 all sent, but never too late.



  1. If I had your address I would send you a card.

  2. Christmas cards are becoming more rare. I cherish them and find it hard to throw them away. There is truly something special about a beautiful card and those who take the time to actually pen a few words of sentiment and cheer.

    Sending you much holiday cheer. A wonderful post!

  3. I am Crazy about that mantle with the cards surrounding it.



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