30 January 2011

news@ NYSD


never to be aping after "society" Me,
but let me put you wise '2' these.

they landed in this pot of jam- 
and sweetly preserved their stories are found.

well deserved kudos to James of the blog What is James Wearing for the recent publication of his home in the NYSD and Brad Emerson of the DownEast Dilettante for his new assignment with the NYSD.

See and Read James' story here.

Whether James Andrew is dressing or decorating- he does it with great references to past stylemakers.
Chairs-Billy Baldwin, Frances Elkins.
Lamps- the Windsor estate.
Bibelots from Albert Hadley, Sister Parish and the Elizabeth Arden estate,
& so it goes.

JAMES with Scott McBee's 'Indigo Ostrich'

photo by Jeffrey Hirsch

James' Standouts: 
Mark Gagnon painting of man and dogs,  Good Boy!
Silver halographic papered ceiling & doors, Brilliant! 
1970's Daniel Barney Mirror, Glittering!
& truly Masterful use of space!
oh, and the Wardrobe, and of course that Ostrich.

(note, blue suede and plum suede shoes- my personal favs)

& the 2nd fellow traveller at the NYSD here


  1. Is not James Andrew's apartment to die for? My friend sidekick and I fired up a laptop during martinis just so we could enjoy it---my idea of perfection!

    And Gaye, you are too kind in your mention of my efforts, I am blushing right to the top of my bald head. (and what a good looking job you did---my pages should look so good!

  2. Although I could care less what James is wearing, I did enjoy seeing his stylish, treasure-filled apartment, and spotting various pieces with decorator provenance. What a treat! And I cannot give enough praise to the Down East Dilettante and his wonderful, inspiring blog!

  3. LOVED James' apartment - just as classic and dapper as the man himself. And so exciting about the DED's new assignment - love his puzzles = he is the Sherlock Holmes of the architectural world!

  4. Loved this. You have a fantastic eye for photographs!

  5. http://www.garancedore.fr/en/2011/01/31/aujourdhui-jaime-tellement-les-couleurs-et-les-details-de-la-tenue-dulla-que-je-me-suis/#comments

  6. WOW! So creative, I've never seen anything like that halographic papered ceiling and doors...what a statement room. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh Wow! somehow all my favorite bloggers are merging! David Patrick Columbia was the very first place I ever went on the internet! We have been friends for 10 years!
    I was just in NYC; and met James at a reception with David; without knowing he was "THE JAMES"!!!! One of my favorite blogs! (my picture was on NYSD) with him!
    And "Down East Dilettante" the same.....one of my favorites!
    David has always been ahead of the "wave of the future".....so this may be the new movement. The great blogs merging! It makes sense!

    ps my husband is a "yellow pad man" who uses the phone....and does not email. The one place he goes on the internet (besides the tennis scores); is NYSD ("to see what my friends all over the country are doing!") He covers Palm Beach; San Francisco, Shanghai......jeez.....amazing!



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