31 January 2011

Ulla Style@Garance Dore


 You gotta have Style.
It helps you get down the stairs.
It helps you get up in the morning.
It's a way of Life. without it you're nobody.
I'm not talking about a lot of clothes.
-Diana Vreeland

Ulla  as seen at Garance Dore
photograph by Garance Dore
Ulla writes the blog model's own

Garance Dore is always prowling about in the States, on the Continent-seeking Style.

Lucky for her- she finds Ulla today. Doesn't she look great? A mix of glamour- the red lipstick, chic- the field jacket, and wit- the spot of yellow. There's something a bit 1940's about it- the Lucky Strike along with Ulla's classic slightly smoldering good looks. Artfully framed with her sharp eye, Garance Dore has spotted it all repeating itself in the scene- and really that's what it's all about.

TUNE in tomorrow for more style with DURO OLOWU- an interview



  1. Thank goodness for style and hot coffee to help me wake in the morning.

  2. LOVE IT!
    You are a gem. The quote cheered me up so much.

    I am traveling back to Germany for a few months..
    Come and visit! I'll take you to some great places, you won't believe the beauty over there.

  3. That IS a wonderful photo of Ulla! Makes me smile.

  4. A brilliant post...
    I know I owe you photos, and won't be concerned, at al,
    l if you are not, at all interested, at this point.
    It's been a crazy, strange couple months.
    I cannot wait for your interview with Duro, as he is one of my favs,
    so clever, and I swoon, drool.....
    they have to remove me from the floor, each and every time I venture into Barney's and see his creations!
    I don't, for a minute, doubt he is a fan of yours

  5. Thea!!!! thank you so much and I am completely ON for continuing our project. I know things have been hazardous more behind the scenes. pgt

  6. ULLA! If only I could- how fantastic. My father's great grandfather Alois Fleig was German and came over to the States marrying his wife without a bit of English- ain't love GRAND.

  7. Fantastic shot - for all the reasons you say. Ulla looks fabulous but really it's that wonderful vintage Shirley Bassey video that ties it all together!



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