01 January 2011

tete a tete

nick and nora 
tete a tete

this year
I am going to be more like Nora
(having mastered the not looking too pretty in the mornings)

I am moving on to-

more making of witty quips
more taking of swanky trips
more stylish clothes to give me a lift
look for someone- something like Nick-
if I could do a Nora-
how charmed you would be
I'd be  "darling" something
a little less me.

to resolve is a danger
I shan't like to fail
but in making the effort
it might turn out really swell.

keep me in line dears
I'll need all your help
visit each day
 to see how I've dealt.

I can't go on rhyming
I'm really quite spent-
so keep it quite closely 
this new year 
tete a tete.



  1. Happy New Year! But I could not bear "a little less me," so please stay just as you are.

  2. Absolutely no accepting anything a little less you, but more quips? More trips? Yes, I'd love to be along for that ride. Happy new year.


    I love to see your blog every day
    and thankyou for being follower too

    Fay xxx

  4. You with a good resolve should be fun to watch. Wish you great success and happiness and the time to tell us all about it.

  5. Love that word "swanky". I'm going to use it as inspiration this year. Don't you think that's a "swell" idea?...K

  6. I never like to resolve for the exact same reason but I love all yours so I'm going to try and adopt some as well. I'll be watching you for a little guidance!

  7. Happy New Year, Gaye! I always like to see what's on your mind. ... Mark

  8. Happy, happy new year, Gaye.

    You are perfect just the way you are. Maybe just add a fox terrier. I promise you, you will have a major, life-changing experience.


  9. Gaye-
    Having been a faithful reader for some time yet having never commented, I have resolved this year to let the 'swell and witty' bloggers know that they are appreciated. I think that your posts are informative and thought provoking-I always am happy to see Little Augury in my Inbox. Thanks and Best for 2011.

  10. Something tells me that you will keep your resolutions. Happy new year!!

  11. How wonderful! Tho I worry about the "a little less me." Please "don't change a hair for us, not if you care for us, stay little augury stay" -- you're delightful as is. Happy New Year to you!

  12. Ditto to all the above!

    I look forward to reading "you" each and every day and marvel at your electric eclectic posts.

    All the best for 2011, I wish you.

  13. I wish I could be more like Nora!
    Love your place here!
    Happy New Years!

  14. Dear Gaye, I adore these films, I must get them on DVD.

    Wishing you a truly wonderful 2011 xxx

  15. Dear Gaye,

    “A little less me”
    ‘S what we’d all like to be,
    But a little more You
    Would be fine with us too!

    Nora’s a paragon, you say
    Ever witty and soignée,
    And we all know you
    Have those qualities too.

    So may your new year be swankful,
    We’ll continue being thankful
    To visit each day
    And hear what you say
    In your own inimitable way!

    Happy New Year!!


  16. Diane, delightful & thank you.

    Happy new year to all readers and new- I appreciate the daily stops you make here and all I can do is continue to make it worth your while.



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