31 December 2010

adieu schumieu


it wouldn't be a New Year without them.

"Have you made any New Year's resolutions?"
"Not yet; any complaints or suggestions?" 
"A few."


"All right, shoot."
"Well, you don't scold, you don't nag, and you look far too pretty in the mornings."

"All right, I'll remember: must scold, must nag; mustn’t be too pretty in the mornings."


not familiar?- take care of that deficit immediately here for a crash course 


  1. LOVE the Thin Man Series! Nick and Nora are two of my favorite people! I had fox terriers when I was young, so Asta has a special place in my heart. We have Parson Russells now...you've gotta love a terrier as well as those that own them!...Have a wonderful evening, and a fabulous 2011...K

  2. They are so divine. She is my model for wifery, however unrealistic.

  3. oh me too-as is obvious, seeing it in my formative years-I remember the first time I saw one of these I was mesmerized. in my twenties I bonded forever returning to Nora for example and Nick in his most idealized form. I continue tomorrow-

  4. These two walk on water together. She was hilarious at "Mommying" him when she did, and was always the girl most fun to sit next to onscreen when she was there. The writers, meanwhile, gave him the Nicene Creed of throw-away lines, and he did it perfect justice as if tossing off a bet at Santa Anita - "I don't now anything, I've been in California for 4 years."

    They're in.

  5. You are so right on this one!

    Love them. And it brings back memories of my mom and dad.

  6. Nick and Nora, the equestrian photos, Cocteau..... so many pleasures here!
    Congratulations on the anniversary of your blog and all the best to you in 2011.

  7. Nick and Nora, the perfect couple, stylish, witty, ...I must rent some movies....

    Happy New Years!

    Art by Karena

  8. Can you believe that incredible typography at "The End"! They don't have that anymore. I've loved all your posts all year and look forward to next years! Happy New Year Gaye!

  9. You, sweet angel, fly off into the new year as beautifully as you flew in. Thanks for all the joy you bring us, and the brilliance you share. Pure
    delight. Happy 2011.

    (I am so on top of not looking too pretty in the morning. Can't even think about the scolding and nagging. Must go finish resolutions. Nora's given me an idea. Or two.)

  10. Happy New Year Gaye! Thank you for the wonderful posts this entire holiday!! ; )

  11. Happy New Year Patricia look forward to your posts in 2011

  12. Best of the best, absolutely.

    Happiest of New Years!

  13. Oh so so familiar - my favorites - and my husband's too - we bonded over these films. Just doesn't get any better! Only wish my husband's complaints were in the same league!!

  14. What fun thankyou ( yes I remember )!!

    happiest of new years Gaye

    fay xxx

  15. Auguri Gaye ! I wish you a very happy year 2011,

  16. Am gong to watch them later today.... can't imagine a better way to spend a lazy New Year day. Thanks for the reminder!
    Thanks for everything this past year... brilliant posts, the kindest support, encouragement, and comraderie.
    I look forward to your words and images each and every day.
    xxxxx T

  17. Just found you via Christina at Fashion's Most Wanted *waves* lovely to meet you :-)

    Ali x

  18. PGT, Congratulations on two years of beautiful musings and stunning images that provoke and delight our senses. Best, Kendra

  19. Love The Thin Man series and was just talking about them lately too. Thanks and Happy New Year!

  20. Wising you much beauty and joy in the New Year. Thank you so much for your dreamy posts...I always look forward to them. Also wanted to tell you...I loved the photos of you in your holiday Tartans! Happy New Year.



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