03 January 2011

VL CL YSL liVing art


by now this Lalanne torso has appeared somewhere in your sphere.

Yves Saint Laurent shocked, certainly a bit, when these sculptures serenely floated down the runway on his models in 1969.
It was the times-by then every Body part had been declared an erogenous zone-
Sex was IN-Rather it was OUT- everywhere.
Nothing could be bare without suggesting SEX

Oddly enough- Breasts have been with us-since well-pick a story, Creation-Eve, Evolution- Ape, and right down the line to the navel. Jan Massys Models for his paintings in the 1550' before-and -after of Flora, Judith, Venus and others would have been perfect for Lalanne to work from.

& who did sculptor Claude Lalanne look to for his Muse? 


Irving Penn's photographs of the Claude Lalanne jewelry sculpture appeared in the December 1969 Vogue. The waxed moulds were cast in copper and then dipped in vermeil.

Veruschka was an Artist even when she was modeling in the 1960's-and Muse-pushing the envelope with photographers in her fashion shoots. Richard Avedon called her the most beautiful woman in the world. She began photographing and chronicling her own persona during this period and completed a series of 45 photographs in 1992 that can be seen here.

In the 1960s, there suddenly appeared on the scene a fashion model and actress of extravagant and exotic beauty known to the world as "Veruschka." She remained an enigma, even when she starred in Antonioni’s classic film Blow-Up. As we now discover, Veruschka was, and is Vera Lehndorff, who, twenty years later, emerges as an artist of extraordinary power and originality. The manikin she created of herself is an abstraction inspired by Egyptian art (from Ralph Pucci International)
by Vera Lehndorff

from Ralph Pucci here

see VERUSCHKA'S enigmatic self portraits HERE


  1. A female Kouros? That's the thought that occurred to me in seeing the 3 minikin photographs. There is an arresting male image in the Metropolitan that comes to mind in this regard. Very beautiful, I must say. All that is gold, goes glitter most fabulously!

  2. Wonderful entry, I love the choice of paintings!

  3. Wow... the self-portraits! She was such an artistic chameleon. You can clearly see why photographers loved working with her. Great post.

  4. A fascinating mix of Jan Massys and the modern.I did not know Ver. had been the Lalanne model.The photographs you have selected of her couldnot be better.

  5. Beautiful post and fabulous pictures. The gold sculptures are amazing! xx

  6. Interesting timing. Last month I found an African fertility body mask at a local import store. I thought my office needed an official fertility goddess—sometime to remind and inspire creativity. It's something like this: http://www.acaciawoodcarvings.com/servlet/the-112/african-makonde-wood-carving/Detail. Every day it makes me smile at the art and artifact of it.

  7. home- totally brings it to the fertility level-I had not thought of that context. Interesting -very. I wouldn't mind having that either. pgt

    VTalk-definitely in that direction.

    in truth it is all very classical. I am fascinated by the fashion photography of that period especially -60's and the wealth of artistry. so many illusions to classical poses-especially the nude of V. in the landscape.

  8. Gaye that was soooooooooo interesting on all levels thankyou I well remember Veroushka she was fantastic fay x

  9. I'm worried such foundation garments might seriously chafe. On another point, I love images of Judith.

  10. Thank you so very much for the inspiration transmitted through your blog. It made my day. /Taru



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