21 February 2011



not just for women of a certain age, or widows or syrupy sappy interiors-

a look at the rise of LAVENDER

Valentino PreFall 2011- Fired Earth paint color Bow Room

Fortuny's Caravaggio


Wedgwood's LAVENDER - Lela Rose Fall 2011

Palace at Wiemar
Victoria Thorne here

Alberti Ferreti Fall 2011- Fired Earth color Ham House - J.Mendel Fall2011

Carolina Herrera Fall 2011- Madame Recamier's Bedroom- Givenchy Pre Fall 2011

Robert Smirke's watercolor sketch in 1802 of Madame Recamier's bedroom shows the Empire rage for the soft decorating schemes Paris embraced. The violet silk wall hangings paired with a cream pelmet draping the bed contrast to the heavily ornamented furnishings favored by L.M. Berthault, who decorated the suite in 1798.

the work of interior designer John Saladino

Variations in Violet & Rose

Cole & Son wallpaper

Isaac Mizrahi l.- L'Wren Scott Fall 2011

WWW's perfect 15-3817

Is Lavender growing on you?



  1. The slipcovers in the dining room!........I was not surprised to see they are by Saladino............he is the master!

  2. Thanks to these, lavender IS growing on me, but still more to look at than to live with, but perhaps that will change. I love looking at your site (reading it also). Curtis Roberts

  3. I adore the Fortuny Caravaggio! Last year we planted row upon row of lavender, I hope it lived through this winter! Even without that scent the color is so soothing.

  4. I'm with ACravan - lavender is definitely growing on me as well. I finally bought a lavender shirt and have been wearing it to death - with everything!! So much beauty here - had never seen that Whistler and you picked my favorite Lela Rose from the collection - gorgeous!!

  5. It's certainly growing on me...love the Cameos!

  6. I have always Loved it-!
    Especially the warmer shades - I think if the right shade is used - it makes a more interesting basic color. (I painted my Painting Studio/Living room a light shade of Lavender and found that it worked great as a background for paintings & people-!)

    I think most recently - Saladino uses it Best-!
    Also Nicky Haslam has done Absolutly Beautiful Rooms using Lavender-!

  7. Yes it is! How wonderful. The Whistler blows my mind... such an incredible palette. And, the Cole & Sons, and...that bathroom!

  8. very good!
    Fairwood- yes, I have some good things coming from Nicky himself on lavender.

    Barbara-I love Wallis' bath- Cole does some good lavender.

    Fairwood and Kathi- Yes to Saladino and Grant Gibson pointed out the mastery of him-I just did Grant's quotes on lavender.

  9. As you can tell by my blog name (PlumSiena)- Yes, I love lavender, and plum, and grape, and purple....



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