21 February 2011

Grant Gibson on Lavender


"Lavender is a soothing color- full and rich.  It works beautifully with greens. It doesn't seem overall masculine or feminine. There is a wonderful warmth to it- a silvery- grey richness that I love."  Grant Gibson

"I would say the first person that comes to mind who uses lavender like no other is John Saladino.
His touches are pure perfection." GG

John Saladino Interior

Grant Gibson interior designer, blogger here



  1. Karma! Just this weekend I have torn so many pages with lavender, including the one above and have been wondering if my husband would embrace this color in the master bedroom!

  2. Your lavender posts have been wonderful Gaye...Pantone should take heed, maybe for 2012.
    xo J~

  3. On my mac cinema monitor, calibrated to read this blog among others, Saladino achieved what DD Saeks was driving at already, with his walls and floor - unless you'd like to suggest that reflection from the seating is that influential, in which case it would exceed what Saeks is driving at. The painting accompanying her remarks substantiates Gibson's as well as hers.

  4. Who wants "pink" when one can have lavender. Dianne never makes a mistake.....and when Saladino says or does something......Pay attention!

    Lavender can , however, in the wrong hands be totally disastrous! (when people think lavender is purple !)

    OH well, that is true of every color. Love lavender!

    and James.....my new friend of "What is James Wearing?" wears it year in and year out....and seems to always look fab!
    I dribble lavender oil on the rugs every other day.....(learned that in that divine hotel in Aix-en-Provence when I finally found a housekeeper who spoke English!)
    "Oh yes! every day! we sprinkle pure lavender oil on all the rugs! smells wonderful; it is also an insect repellent! No moths! no insects! Lovely way to live!


    My next house.......perhaps......lot of lavender.......

  5. Oh, I never have the guts to use this color or even wear it.

    ...maybe I should change!


  6. Acorn, I think he should- must get him with those greens and greys that go so beautifully- ceilings remember the ceilings.

    24- yes Pantone should!

  7. Laurent- you are so right, I have changed the photograph to be more specific to GG's idea of Saladino. Let me know what you think- pgt

  8. Penelope- I agree with you. Lavender does wonders for everything- and for rugs too, wonderful! pgt

    Loretta- you should definitely go to it- I perused your blog and it looks perfect for you. especially with greys. pgt



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