07 February 2011

lining up for A Guinness


I always find thought provoking images at a quietly elegant blog called STRAWBERIGE. She placed this triumvirate before her readers last week, Daphne Guinness in pose for photographer Oliver Zahm- in front of her own Damien Hirst created canvas.
What more could one ask for?
I did.
Had her apartment been photographed?
Then I remembered a video from the Guinness loving SCALA REGIA  that I had bookmarked-ah yes- VOGUE ITALIA- makes you want to be an Italian,
No?  They are always on the cusp of  IT.

and just today- Guinness again-on the same. I beautiful portrait of her fashion majesty.

and again- Guinness- late in the day-when finally the much already touted ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST March 2011 issue arrived. Low in the middle of this issue written & produced by James Reginator, photographed by Thomas Loof and styled by Carolina Irving. Just what I would expect-brilliantly, beautifully, put together-
Voila!  behold the sophisticated apartment of Daphne Guinness. sometimes feminine, nostalgic, reflective- and of course- Chic.

No spoilers here-ever. As you well know it drives me crazy, get the issue-don''t get the Reader's Digest Condensed version-it is never the same.



  1. I love that woman. A true English eccentric. There should be more of her. xo

  2. Daphne Guinness carries the beauty of the Mitford women. She is really a living work of art. I think you aptly dub her. The Damien Hirst work is phenomenal. I may have to get this issue and good detective work The video is superb.

  3. Thanks for the video. Truly a spectacular persona. I think that if I were to be jealous of anyone, it would have to be Daphne Guinness--she is fearless.

  4. A modern day Casati, to be sure.

  5. Clearly one of the great characters. Her apartment was decorated by Daniel Romualdez, a brilliant designer to the most glittering of sophisticates. His palace for Tory Burch was breathtaking.

  6. I adore Daphne for her style....I think Gustav Klimt would have wanted to paint her. What a gorgeous lady.

  7. She is indeed gorgeous, not I've got to go get that AD issue, thanks for the heads up! Maryanne;)

  8. The video shows off the apartment beautifully and she is very appealing in it.

    Reggie-yes the apartment is beautiful, Sure you already have this AD issue.

    HOBAC-Casati indeed.

    Patricia-definitely Klimt and like HOBAC says as with Casati she would have been painted by many! boldini especially too.

  9. Jane and Anon- the Mitfords abound in them, that is why we return again and again. She is a rare bird in the best of ways.

    Mary- fearless.

    Maryanne- do get the issue lots of other great things too. chock full!

  10. as u know i love your blog. happens that i am terribly lazy and that's the reason why not even on mine i allow comments. but this time i had to comment. daphne guinness is the lost link between the modern/easy/practical (i abominate that word)way of living and another one, older, and much more exquisite and detail-concerned.

    god save her
    and you!


  11. Diogo- delighted with your visit and comment! out from behind the curtain how nice. I agree. I like the idea that her fashion is armor- as I compared her to Lochinvar when she rescued Isabella Blow's collection. A noble deed indeed, Gaye

  12. another Daphne link HERE http://www.huffingtonpost.com/alex-geana/daphne-guinness-is-afraid_b_820202.html#s237038 from Alex Geana Freelance photographer; writer



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