07 February 2011

Lulu DK on lavender


"I was never a fan of the color Lavender until I went to India for the first time 10 years ago...The men there wear wonderfully comfortable caftan pajama type outfits which vary in beautiful pastel hues. Although mainly white, ever so often there are washy blues, periwinkles and lavenders with just the right amount of sun-drenched fade to them...Yum yum"--LULU DK

 a Lulu collage


 LULU DK here
 her blog Trail of Inspiration here



  1. I love the colours and the juxtaposition of the white coral!

  2. the lavenders and all look perfect with the white and the black background of it- a perfect trio.

  3. I'm sorry Gaye, I've been a poor help on this. I didn't have anything really relevant.



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